Entering 0-Point by the Elohim

Message to the Solstice by the Elohim

received june the 19th 2011.

Entering 0-point

Beloved Co-creators of life, beloved sisters and brothers realize, that you are now being given an opportunity of transitioning into the space of 0 point thru the magnificent portal and interdimensional doorway of this up-coming Solstice. This message is an invitation to do so and we offer you a sacred initiation by which you can purify yourself to do this transition in ease and grace. Because it is not a matter of whether you are able to, but whether you are willing to let go of all vibrational patterning, which is not in alignment with love and unity consciousness. To enter this space of 0 point energy, you will have to adjust your vibratory rate to match the frequency of unity consciousness and free yourself from all 3D vibrational patterns. This interdimensional doorway will allow you to connect with and integrate within your system, within your dna, upgrades of the hologram for the New Earth and template of your galactic angelic self in the proportion, that you are able and ready to integrate at this point of time. Entering this field is similar to passing thru a needle´s eye signifying, that you need to be empty and naked and free from all 3D luggage and attachments to the past. It also means, that you need to be solidly grounded in this present eternal now in your entirety without letting aspects of you disconnect and escape into the illusion of future in search of something better than your present reality. Being empty means letting go of all individual attachment to personal gain and fully trust and merge with divine will. And so you will enter the sacred space of the vesica pisces, god´s all seeing eye, which is your true home, which is the space of which you were created and the space of which all creation takes place. It is the space of infinite possibility – an infinite void of pure creative life force, of pure all-encompassing love, which is your true essence. And as you have entered this space you will experience how much easier it is for you to stay centered in love and create with joy and ease almost instantaniously. But please behold that if something is not in alignment and honoring the Greater Whole, there is no way, that it will manifest in this space. Hence if some of your intended manifestations do not seem to work out, it does not mean, that you are not capable of creating, but is solely an evidence, that it is not in alignment with the plan of the Greater Whole. Understand that whatever serves the Greater Whole will always serve you as an individual and part of All-that-Is, but the other way round… what ever serves you does not always serve the Greater Whole. So it is crucial that you start to recondition yourself in your thinking, that you start to think and act as the Greater Whole and not from the limited perspective of an illusionary separate I. So we ask you to start creating according to divine will to assist in anchoring heaven on earth, the New Earth matrix… hence shifting your focus from the limited self to the great I Am. Before acting and taking important decisions attune to the will of the great I Am and surrender completely in trust, that whatever is asked of you, will honor you in every possible way and that you will be given the means to execute it. During but also after the birth and complete anchoring of the New Earth you will indeed be challenged to embrace and act in your full divine potential and some of you will be urged to do things, that is beyond what you perceive as possible. Be adventurous and corageous in childlike joy and you will find, that you are capable of doing things far beyond your wildest imagination.
Beloved co-creators we ask you to connect with the highest vibration of love, which is expressed thru divine joy and divine ecstacy – to be living embodiments and expressions of God´s infinite joy. Because this is the fuel by which you are able to create, this is the fuel by which God has created the universe and by which the universe sustains and maintains itself. Our plea to you is to connect with this inner source of joy vibrating in the core of who you are deep within your heart in the infinite space of 0-point. Please understand that the New Earth and the space of 0-point energy is not a place outside of self, not a plane or place you can physically travel to, but a matrix or rather a vibration already existing within the energetical core of your heart that you can connect with. The lightcodes of this Solstice will be serving as a calibrator and upgrade of the New Earth crystaline matrix, which is also dormant within unused parts of your dna. All you need to do to enter this interdimensional portal is to come naked and barefoot and empty handed…. it means laying down all weapons of the past, that you carried living in the matrix of fear. And it is also paramount and necessary, that you commit yourself to let go of the shield around your heart, which served as the energetical matrix that held you in fear. What we offer to you now is to hand over your shield and your weapons to us your older sisters and brothers and to surrender to unconditional love as fearless ones in service of the Greater Whole. We stretch out our hands now beloved ones to receive them and to bring them before the sacred altar of the all-consuming violet flame to be transmuted once and for all. (Note: Please if you feel ready now give your allowance with divine intent to surrender your shield and weapons and take some minutes until you feel completed to let it happen before continue reading).
From now on love shall be your only protection. We ask you now to walk barefoot on the sacred fires as fearless ones and enter the eye of the needle hands in hands in commitment to higher will. (Note: Take time to allow for this cleansing to take place, if you feel like it, you may visualize yourself walking on the sacred purifying fire – take as long as you need before continue reading) If you felt resistance within your heart and not able to surrender your weapons now and let go of your shield of fear, know that there will be other possibilities, but also note that the requirements for entering will nevertheless remain the same. No one shall be left behind, but know in your heart that the energy of this Solstice is an unprecedented opportunity and invitation to enter the 0-point zone of heaven-on-earth, which is equal to ascending to the higher dimensional planes of existence from the 5th dimension and upwards. Now that you are cleansed by the sacred fire all it takes is to shift your focus from fear to love and adjust your frequency by the means of divine intention. In this space you will be feeling, as if you live in a different world to your previous one and indeed you will and some of you already do to some extent… because you will be entering a parallel reality of a higher vibratory rate, but you will however be able to go back and forth at will – and you will most probably do so for a length of time out of habit of the old, but not for long, as you will be much too busy creating and playing in the New Earth energy of heaven-on-earth. However due to cosmic law you will not be able to drop in frequency again and be pulled back to your old reality, as you are vibrating on a higher vibratory rate. And you will no longer be resonating with or responding to the paradigm of fear pulsating from the unified field or morphogenetic field. Being in the space of 0 point energy it does not have any serious impact on you any longer. But you will still be able to observe this old world as a parallel reality and to interact with the many still vibrating on the frequency of fear, still living in victimhood. The predominant state of being in your new reality now experienced from your multifaceted self will be one of joy, of ecstacy and grace… you will feel carried in a childlike curiousity, explore and be driven to start new projects in co-creation with others to respond to your commitment to serve divine will and assist your sisters and brothers in their transition. This space is very much a place of co-creation, of sharing and expansion of joy on all levels of existence. In this space you will regain your angelic wings and reclaim your angelic inheritance and walk the New Earth as the angelic beings of love, that you truly are. This is the long awaited return of the bewinged ones. In this void of infinite love there will be no space for playing small, no place for being fearfull. This is the space where we reside and execute the divine plan for the evolution of earth and all of existence. This is your true home beloved elohim sisters and brothers. We rejoice and welcome you home.

Received by Linda Grace Antara Ma

Feel welcome to share this transmission in its original form with credits and link to my website.

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