On commiting and self worth


Are you willing to invest in profound and genuine wellbeing and discover the vast potential in you that lies dormant beneath the superficiality, the “facade” of who you are NOT. Are you willing to give up your story and surrender to being stripped to the core and realise the truth of who you are. Are you willing to grant yourself the gift of self love and do you value yourself enough to commit fully to go beneath that surface, the illusion of separation and transcend distrust, fear, doubt and the complacency of being run by egoic patterns, that have kept you trapped in fear and suffering for many life times. 

When you take a decision to step into your power and realise your true potential, you make a step towards acceptance of all shades of self and hence the moment you commit, rest assured, that the issues in you that seeks attention and light will come to the surface and be mirrored back to you. I witness this time and again, when people ask me to work with them.The moment they commit, even days or weeks before the session transformation is ignited and sometimes buttons are pushed and I witness how I become the projection screen for their lacks and fears. Some are unaware when this happens, because they have triggered it themselves unconsciously. They do not take responsability and take the “run” and in some cases cancel their sessions with all sorts of excuses, which I usually know, read, feel in advance. This is a waste of my time and their time and a valuable opportunity for self growth. This is by no means a judgement, but simply a statement of how unresolved issues surface, when we take a step towards clearing them.
I love to work and support my family (in truth we are One tribe), but I expect to be honored not only as a person, but as a divine instrument of love, that is fully commited to serve you. And as such I expect that you too are commited to value yourself enough to co-create this shapeshifting in you, that is needed for you to discover your fullest potential and live the life you yearn for. You cannot run away from your shadows. Better to commit and get it “over with”. And so I welcome you with all my heart, but not until you are truly commited to face your shadows and surrender in divine trust and take responsability instead of projecting your stuff on me, because you are unwilling to face your inner “demons”, which in the first place motivated you to come here. It is about acceptance, being with what is and if you are commited to get on with it and show up, those “demons” shall surely be transformed into divine particles of love permeating your every BE-ing. If you are in to playing around the bush with your ego, I am not the right person for you. There is no being half commited. If you really want change, you need to take full responsability and commit 100% and I am all there for you. All births are passages of rites,that involves profound challenges and takes guts. But when you look into the face of the “newborn” it is worth it all.
I see myself as a spiritual midwife. I am not here to heal or fix you, but to hold the mirror to you and show you, where you are withholding love to self and limiting yourself from being your truest divine human self in acceptance and peace with all that that involves, which will enable you to live a passionate joyfilled life of purpose. Value yourself enough to commit with all your heart. You are worth it. It is an investment for life and beyond. ~ Linda Grace –www.graceelohim.com


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