Your inner guru is calling

We are leaving millenium of external worship behind, as we move deeper into the photon belt and with it we leave behind the illusion of separation from God/Goddess. As the hightened light frequencies reaches us thru the increased solar activity we can no longer remain in “darkness” and live in pretence…. the light will illuminate all untrue and strip us down to our authentic self. Hence we are forced to face our divine nature and might and what keeps us holding back from embracing it. Whether we like it or not we are begged to step into our highest calling and live our purpose. Following external gods…. whether this god is a self acclaimed guru, world renowned spiritual teacher, healer, ascended masters, living avatar or saint, it is time that we start honoring and worshipping our divinity, the master co-creator within.  

Strip down all external altars. Let your inner heart sanctum be your altar to which you bow and bring flowers and gifts of worship. By doing so you will awaken the saint, that dwells within, your inner guru and empower self to just be who you truly are and let go of all games of making yourself small. Clear your inner sanctum of any beliefs of smaller or bigger, as this tends to give birth to comparison and judgement, which holds you in a low vibration non compatible with your divine essence . When you accept the truth, that there is only One Source, that expresses itself in infinite forms, it makes no sense to compare self with others, because what you see on the outside is all you. Whatever it is that you worship on the external, is distracting you from cultivating your inner sanctum and from listening to your inner guru. Worshipping on the inside empowers you, because it nourishes the source of inner wisdom and love, like watering a flower and rises your vibration to match your soul signature, all external worship is taking your attention away from your own divinity and online connection with Source/God/Goddess/All-that-Is. It is giving away your power to someone or something more divine than you.

Appreciating and being in-spired by others is one thing, but worshipping them as deities or living avatars and gurus is a different thing. There is no higher or lower in the universe only an ongoing evolution, different frequencies of the infinite bandwidth of love or absence of love (fear). In this human space-suit it might be scary to face the inner saint, the innocent pure all-loving omnipresent might, that dwells within. Because in this human expression we tend to be in our mind and perceive reality from this limited state and inevitably we are faced with the fear of “failing” or being insufficient and non-worthy of being “worshipped”, because of not being able to fullfil the expectations and meet the images projected to us by parents, society, church and other authorities and because we were told not to trust our feelings, which is our connection to our divine self inner guru.

The lacking connection to the truth of who we are caused a deep wound of not-belonging, a huge gap between our true nature and the adapted limited version of who we are not, which urged us to bridge that painfull gap with worshipping someone or something, that could replace the lacking connection to the inner sanctum of love, your own divinity. This did indeed served us for many years as not to loose track of our divine inheritance, but as we have now revolved deeper into the photon belt of galactic consciousness, we can no longer keep ourself small, we can no longer pretend. It just doesn´t work. We have entered the golden age and we are beckoned to see ourself in the image of God/Goddess in our full glory and might, as fearless ones, co-creators and full-fledged masters of light. We are forced to face the truth within. We are here, we have trained for this and now is the time to implement what our heart knows to be true and with divine intent leave behind the matrix of the old world of separation and external worship. Start each day by worshipping your inner Beloved, by greeting your inner Saint and eternal guru of truth, that chose you to express itself. This is your song to be song, you are the daughters and sons of god/goddess, worship the truth, that beats thru your heart, the holy spirit that sings thru your breath. Your inner truth guru is calling you. ~ Grace Solaris

3 thoughts on “Your inner guru is calling

  1. WoW.
    Yes yes yes thank you thank you thank you shine on my love! This was part of an exquisitely wrapped Devine blend of colored love messages for me, just now hah!
    Amazing. I love humanity! LOVE!

  2. I was asked more than once, if I am a devotee and follow someone. I was even asked, if I have an ashram….and I was lately told I am a good muslim and I was asked too, if I practice buddhism…. and yes it is all true.
    I am a devotee of love and I follow my heart…. my heart is my ashram, my temple, my mosque, my church… a living shrine in which all is united as my religion is LOVE and Oneness with the Beloved in all living things. Love is who and what I Am… the nameless with infinite names. ~ Grace Solaris

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