The “Divine Feminine Masculine”, the new ambassador of the divine feminine in rising

I am so blessed to witness more and more (young) men amongst our heart tribe, that have devoted themselves and incarnated in male form to represent and serve the goddess. I have noticed a wave of these souls to have come in particular since the beginning of the eighties increasingly. They are fully balanced in their divine masculine and feminine aspects and in many cases lack any of the collective wounds, that their older sisters and brothers carry. The majority of men however do not understand, that they too are embodying aspects of the divine feminine and that there lies great strength in embracing her divine qualities and that her attributes is needed to create divine balance within to fully embody the healed divine masculine aspect of creation. Thank God/Goddess for the blessings of these new ambassadors of the divine feminine in male form, you are here to enlighten your brothers and sisters to wake up to their inner goddess. Thank you for being here and having the courage to show up without armours in the full power of your vulnerability and naked heart. Thank you for not playing along the games of superiority, male dominion and male ownership. Thank you for showing that the goddess is not in favor of any gender to express herself, but can and indeed intends to easily and gracefully finds expression thru a male body. You are an important part of the sisterhood and play a great role in reinstoring the flame of the divine feminine onto this earth. You are a pioneer and wayshower to those men and women (especially men), that carry wounds on their divine masculine (and feminine) caused by the surpression of the divine feminine for thousands of years of patriachal dominion. You are a welcoming blessing to all of us and a reminder of our androgynous nature. ~ Grace Solaris

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