Calling all starseeds, your time has come. 2018 time to walk your talk


As a starseed you knew from early on deep within your heart, you have come to this planet to make a difference. You always had a strong and indestructable curiousity and an inquenchable thirst to ask questions and never allowed yourself to conform to rules and traditions, as they have proved to go against the nature of evolution itself these last thousands of years in earths planetary history. As a starseed you have a naturel tendency to check in with your inner heart wisdom. You do not just “buy” into something, because someone else claims it. This is exactly what starseeds and new earth aquarians are about. They are authentic and true to self. Now what does that mean. So much is written about being authentic and true.

It means an honoring of self as a sovereign being in your own might and right. You do not buy into “authority” on the external. It is something alien to you. Far more you trust your inner gut… you go with your feeling no matter how insane it may seem to others. It may affect you what others think and label you as, however it never let you compromise yourself. Your inner heart knowing is too strong to ignore. And hence you are a true revolutionary…. one that brings about change and evolution to create a better world. One that paves the way for others. It is simply a role that you have taken on… a cosmic role, that your soul has volunteered to because of the vast wisdom it carries of the cosmic laws of love. You are fuelled by and driven by love in all you do. Because you do not know any other way. 

You came from the stars to make a difference, to catalyze change and give birth to a new consciousness. Your galactic lineage and inheritance has given you all you need to play out that role and you are experienced in this field, because it is a role you have taken on again and again and again throughout eons. You are the game changer that came forth everytime things got out of balance somewhere in the universe. Now it happens to be here on earth, but you have traversed the universe since eons as starseed christ consciousness. Christ consciousness indeed have existed in the universe long time before, beloved Jeshua came from Venus as an emanation of Sananda Kumara as a starseed to this earth. You hold the keys and codes within your dna, within your body of galactic consciousness and have the naturel gifts and talents embedded within your being to promote and awaken this in others. You are not only a frequency holder of christ consciousness and galactic intellegence, a gatekeeper, in fact you are a starportal of immense love and wisdom. The keys and codes that you carry within your being have been sealed to the right moment of time, when you have cleared enough of your incarnational story, to give room for your I Am Presence to take fully command of your vessel and reached a maturity (consciousness level) high enough to make correct use of this wisdom i.e. to implement it only according to divine will and to the well-being of all that is. These encryptions are embedded within your dormant dna and within the cells in your body, in etheric crystals, a sort of crystaline memory bank, that only waits to be activated. You will instinctively know when is the right time for this activation and your higher galactic aspect and guides have been guiding you towards this moment of time and will ensure, that you will get the appropriate activations and upgrades to ensure the availablity of this galactic wisdom, gifts and talents when you are ready to embody the galactic christ consciousness and embrace yourself as a supreme galactic multidimensional being beyond limitations.

We are here to support you in this grand opening of your galactic soul memory and bring you into alignment with your soul´s galactic trajectory. Now is the time for the starseed groundcrew convergence. We encourage you to follow your inner calling to come forth as midwifes, caretakers, initiators, way showers, gamechangers, leaders and mentors and to “catch up” this huge awakening pool of souls, that have been and are triggered in this latest ascension wave thru global disasters, chaos and turmoil around the globe. It is time to come out of your human disguise and trust what your heart always knew to be true, to speak up and come forth and allow for your galactic wisdom to be activated and brought to the forefront. Your galactic higher aspect is catering for this as a member of the star nation conglomerates of light, the galactic high councils of various planetary mentors, that supports earth in its ascension and ongoing evolution. Your higher galactic aspect is reaching out to you now, as you are deeply needed to act out your role as a starseed and to make available the wisdom to your awakening sisters and brothers to ensure a safe passage for them back to their true self, as they are no longer capable of living in denial, as their heart has cracked open behind the scaffolding to reveal a total different story of who they thought they were and the world as they thought it were. You are the illuminator, a star portal to the vast wisdom of the universe, that they now need to wake up to and find within their very being. It doesn´t make you better in any way, you are just one expression of the vastness of the creator, the universal sea of love, and it happens to be your role in the cosmic play of evolution. You have signed up for this because of love and been given this role because of a naturel humility towards the cosmic law of One. It hasn´t always been easy to live in amnesia and disguise, but now your time has come to finally go centerstage and show your true identity and purpose, though you may have doubts of your divine qualifications and credentials, trust your inner heart knowing, trust when tears of remembrance are touching you from within your ancient soul. You are here to make a difference. ~ Grace Solaris and the Arcturians

The Arcturians and the Cosmic Dolphin Collective are inviting you to join in this sunday´s Light Transmission which is a dna upgradeand activation, a Cellular-Repolarization and Stellar Axiatonal activation at 8 pm cet. Dear starseeds this is the time we have prepared for… no need to wait for the landing of our galactic family…. we are them..  time to land and anchor in the galactic consciousness into our BE-ing. If you feel called to being part of this GRAND Cell-Reset to Galactic Mastery, join us on sunday June the 3rd 2018 in this unparalled groundbraking quantum leap. Please use the following link to sign up and learn more about this specific activation which is part of the ongoing Arcturian light transmission that are here to support you in your ascension and living in your fullest divine potential: 

NOTE: In case you are not able to join the event in the exact synchronized time, know that you can tune in and connect to the Arcturians and the group forcefield of this activation in 0-point eternal Now. You have the option to tune in and call on the Arcturians and connect with the group and state your divine intent to receive and you will receive the activation in that very moment. No thing to miss, it is all HERE and NOW and never lost. Please sign up by sharing the energy exchange of 13 Euro for this transmission to my paypal account:

Or sign up on my facebook page: Grace Solaris.

or write an email to sign up.

In loving service,

Grace and the Acturians

4 thoughts on “Calling all starseeds, your time has come. 2018 time to walk your talk

  1. Vilma Morales says:

    We have to work hard to make a better word everyone make a difference. Thanks to de galaxy thanks to the mother earth. Thanks to the father sun the air and the water becouse we are all of these.

    • Yes indeed honoring all that is within self and within existence is a preliminary step for becoming One, and a step we must take to be able to having our soul´s essence and galactic ancestry merge and descend fully into this physical reality. Blessings from On High, Grace Solaris

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