The importance of galactic plasma in earth´s ascension and in your embodying and anchoring of galactic consciousness


The Arcturians just shared some epic mindblowing insights and intel to the sacred plasma and what role it plays in the completion of earth´s ascension and our embodiment of our higher galactic consciousness emanation.

They said, that when the cells have completed the repolarization reset, the charge within the cells will equally change and allow our cells to deposit galactic consciousness plasma to a much higher degree, than what was previously possible. See it like this… in the past because of the molecular structure within the carbon based cells, the electromagnetic charge of the cells were more dense and couldn´t fully store high vibrational light.

The Arcturians showed me today, that when we have completed the cellular repolarization our cells can not only deposit high frequency light, but also the highly vibrational galactic plasma, which is so important in earths ascension, because plasma as opposed to light has an almost neutral charge or put in other words it is free energy. To illustrate this understand, that plasma is a form of matter in which many of the electrons wander around freely among the nuclei of the atoms. Plasma is defined the fourth state of matter, the other three being solid, liquid and gas.

Normally, the electrons in a solid, liquid, or gaseous sample of matter stay with the same atomic nucleus. Some electrons can move from atom to atom if an electrical current flows in a solid or liquid, but the motion occurs as short jumps by individual electrons between adjacent nuclei. In a plasma, however, a significant number of electrons have such high energy levels that no nucleus can hold them. Are we having fun…. do I hear freedom…. 

I was also told that the plasma will play a significant role in what the Arcturians call stem cell therepy, which is a vibrational/sound therepy of the new heavenly earth, that we are yet to be introduced to. However this sort of alchemical medicine cannot be implemented, until our cells have gone thru the re-structuring from carbon to silcon based compound and completed the repolarization and thus being able to deposit and store the high vibrational plasma, which makes complete sense and my heart expanded with joy as I was shown and recognized this as my inner heart knowing this morning. How exciting…. I still await further information to this.

So this makes it even clearer what groundbraking evolutionary quantum leap this repolarization of the cells will catalyze into embodying our galactic consciousness (our avatar multidimensional blueprint) as offered in sunday´s light transmission.

We are literally landing the mothership, our galactic plasmic essence of love into our lightbody vessel and into the Earth crystaline grid. We are birthing a star, Gaia Kumara, sister of Venus.

It is time to step forward and reclaiming our seat in the galactic councils as the star beings we truly are. It is time to owning our galactic supremacy and merging with our starmonad oversoul mothership. If this calls you, feel free to join us for this Sunday´s Arcturian global light transmission, which is a divine dispensation of light, a Cellular Repolarization and Stellar Axiatonal Alignment, which will bring you to the next level of the evolutionary ladder from a dense humanoid to a galactic Starbeing.

Please click on link to sign up or read more in the event description under details here.

Or use the paypal link below to sign up with the energy exchange of 13 Euro.


~ Grace Solaris and the Arcturians

We are back in Orbit. Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish ~ Grace Solaris and the Arcturians

3 thoughts on “The importance of galactic plasma in earth´s ascension and in your embodying and anchoring of galactic consciousness

  1. Hello Grace,
    It does not mention a time. Is this a recorded transmission or how does it work?
    I also wrote you an email.
    Divine timing – please let me know.
    Thank you
    With love and light
    Saharra/SumuRa ( I saw you live in Germany. I am originally from Austria but live now in the States.

    • In case you “missed it” you can tune into 0-point eternal NOW and connect with the group forcefield and the Arcturians and my arcturian higher aspect and state your divine intent to receive. I am also offering most of the global transmissions on a one-on-one basis as a response to numerous demands. If this calls you, feel welcome to send me an email to In loving service, Grace
      P.s I fell in love with Austria and the mountains as a teenager and hence ended up living in Bavaria for 18 years close to the Austrian border. I have just recently returned to Denmark, my native country happy to be close to the ocean and my native roots.

    • Hi sister, so sorry I have been so busy and have not seen this comment till now. The monthly global transmissions are set to a synchronized time but can be tuned into at a later point also, as times does not exists. You can simply tune into 0-point and connect by divine intent to the group forcefield of this activations and the Arcturians and my higher acturian self with work with you. However please read all the details thru before to know how to prepare and get specific details as to what the specific activation is about. There is also the option of a one-on-one session. I cannot recall any email from you, it might have disappeared in my spam folder. If you have further questions let me know. I have just translocated to my native country Denmark after 20 years abroad and am no longer in Germany. Much love, Grace

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