12:12 0-point Infinite Fractal Activation Reset

Dear One,

It is with immense joy we invite you to join us in the 12:12 gateway to receive this revolutionary activation of the freedom codes and reset to the infinite fractal 0-point eternal now. An irreversable step out of the karmic wheel of suffering of the piscean age and off the mind slavery programming of linear time and death. Are you ready to reclaim your divine blueprint majesty and become the eternal being, you are destined to be, then join us on December the 12th with the Acturians for this monumental moment of rebirth into freedom. Time to reclaim the immaculate design of the 1st light of Lemuria and rise to your true glory. ~ Grace Solaris and the Arcturians and conglomerates of light

THU, DEC 12 AT 8 PM Central European time. Check your synchronized time here: www.timebuddy.com

12:12 0-Point Infinite Fractal Activation Reset

Here is the fb event link to sign up:


In case the link doesn´t work copy and paste it and search on fb. You can also go to my Arcturian Page on fb: Grace Solaris Arcturian High Council and find it under Upcoming Events.

If you are not on fb, you can send an email to info@graceelohim.com to get the details and sign up. 

Much love and blessings


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The biggest hoax every created is the illusion of time and death. Because of the fall out of grace with the sinking of the continents, the ancient Motherland of Lemuria and Atlantis and with it the ancient wisdom of the 1st light, a cataclysmic dis-aster within the human as well as the planetary body, caused you to fall into deep amnesia.

It is now time to release yourself from this mind controle programming. You have come so far and a global awakening is taking place and yet most of you.. if you are honest with self… are still caught in this fake programming. It is time for the children of earth to rise again and claim their eternity, their divine sovereignty as eternal beings of love and re-connecting with their original divine source blueprint of the 1st light of Lemuria, which was the very light, that created this planet and all life upon it and gave birth to the first Lemuria in the time of Hyperborea.

My guides made me laugh out loud as I was contemplating what I have said since my early teens…. “I am going to get at least 150 years old”. My guides then promptly interrupted me and said… why not 300 years old… they said in fact you can be as old, as you choose to be, you can even create a new body, if that is what you choose. You are eternal and that is your true nature… all else is an illusion.

The questions should rather be do I choose love over fear, do I choose to transcend all the limitations, that has been programmed into my being of linear time, decay and death. You, and here I refer to your soul, might want to leave your current vessel (physcial body) for certain reasons, when you have fulfilled your mission here, but that is a whole other story.

As many of you already know, you have been held hostage in the karmic wheel of suffering for the last 30.000+ years, which is an ancient programming of the piscean age. Yes every thought, every action has a cause and effect in the web of life, as everything is inter-connected. Thus the urgency to choose love, choose what honors the whole, as everything is inter-connected. However you are not bound to die, death as well as time is an illusion. Life is NOT linear, creations births itself again and again thru circles within circles, in a spiral dance of love, making love to itself (replicating itself) in myriad of ways and never gets tired of this wondrous magic of creating new ways of experiencing itself thru evolving and creating new worlds, new life in every possible form and way.

And you are that. You are Creation itself. It is impregnated within your original divine blueprint dna, the undistorted light, the 1st light of Source. However forces, that did not honor this light, that however was created from this light, made choices for their own agenda, that did not honor the universal light and law of ONE. They created distortions in the dna and implanted in the collective mind what you name the Gregorian calender, a time device, that has aimed to hold you bondage in linear time and separate you from the sacred breath of creation and the universal heart beat and your very soul´s essence. It created the distorted programming of going from A to B with no way of deviating, a destined path of suffering leading to an inevitable death. A death sentence, that no one could escape, not even the ancient yogis, they could “merely” prolong their life.

This programming has also caused your cells as well as the toroidal field around you to spin in a forward clockwise movement, which is the very reason that you decay and die… it literally gives this information to your cells. The naturel spin of creation is a counter clockwise spin, it is the magnetics and molecular nature of the creation itself to spin in this way. The Arcturians already introduced us to this wisdom thru an activation last year, called the Cell-repolarisation, where they reversed this programming and the spinning in the cells. This will be part of this reset and activation, that the Arcturians will offer on the 12:12 gateway.

I am most delighted to announce with an overspilling heart of joy, that the Arcturians will offer a total reset from this programming and death sentence into 0-point and activate what they name the freedom codes. I have been told, that they will be launching what they call the freedom codes series, so I pressume there will be more coming as we advance in our light frequency, collectively as well as individually to receive this high powered photonic light encodings. I will facilitate this activation together with the Arcturians and other conglomerates of light on the 12:12 Portal, December the 12th, which is a monumental window of unprecedented potential for the light codes to be ushered in and received. Lemuria is rising, goddess is rising, the new Dawn is here. You are the rising of the new Dawn. Already 188 revolutionaries of love are signed up and still 11 days to go for the 12:12 freedom portal.

Here is the link to sign up and learn more:


~ Grace Solari and the Arcturians

The Event is Eden being resurrected within each one of you.

Humanity are going thru a major and radical transmutation as a specie from carbon to silicon based lifeforms. This is an ongoing transmutation, that has been going on for some years now. The pioneers of light starseeds, are paving the way for this mutation to take place within the collective mind and dna of the earth inhabitants.

What you name the event is an ongoing event of orchestrated major solar flashes, that happens within your being to finally break down matter within your cells. I have been observing this taking place in my body for quite some time, but have found it very difficult to describe, now I seem to find the words…. now being in the middle of some of these solar flashes break down of matter. Yes that is what it truly is… a break down of matter into anti-matter… and yes you are graduating into becoming beings of light, multidimensional light beings. You can literally say, that you are gravitating and are in the process of defying the physical laws, that you have been submitted to for many thousands of years. You are cutting the chains, that have kept you tied down and held in bondage.

This process is an individual journey, that is overseen and directed by your soul guides and team, which will be catered to your individual need and current light frequency. The solar flashes, that will be laser-ed towards your cells, will be causing small implosions within the cells… it will not only break down the density within the cells, it will also break down the narrative of the physical 3D physical realm and the rules bound to this realm, which have been interwoven with each cell, each molecule, tissue, bone and organ of our being. These high vibrational photonic light flashes will assist in breaking up the molecular structure in your cells to allow for a reorganising of the molecular compound into silicon as the basic fundament, which is very crystaline in nature and much less dense. All lifeform in the 5th and higher dimensional timelines are based on silicon.

It was what has caused you to feel confined within the physicality of a solid body…. however you were never truly physical… yes the chemical compound of your carbon based bodies held you in the consciousness and vibration, that you were dense physical beings. Thru the diligent training and focus of their consciousness the indian yogis and other masters of vibration could defy this reality for periods of time, but bottomline, this is the reality, that humanity has been confined to since the fall of consciousness after the sinking of the high civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria. Because of the cataclysmic shockwaves, that was caused by a series of incontrollable eruptions and followed by electro magnetic changes in the earths gravitational and electro magnetic field , your vibration abruptly dropped and your dna was subject to a multifaceted mutilation, if we may say so. This was both caused by the massive and instant drop of frequency, but also because of interferance in your dna strands and central nervous system and endocryne systems by entities, that had made it their goal to enslave the children of the earth. This was part of earth´s evolution and an important and necessary lesson to experience the cause and effect of not living in complete alignment with the light and respecting the universal laws of ONE.

This narrative is now been broken down, erased and dismantled… like dark cathedrals, synagoges and temples of disempowerment, obedience and endless suffering built on a fallacy of a space-time continiuum, which you know as linear time, which has caused your body to be entrapped in a solid mindset of linear time and programming of decay and death. Only the brightest of minds were able to defy this restricted version of reality paired with ancient knowledge of life prolonging prana breathing exercises, but to the most humanity has been held within the confinement of the karmic wheel of suffering and death throughout the last 30.000 years.

This transmutation process is now greatly escalating and those of the pioneers of light that are leading this revolution of consciousness are playing a massive role in transmuting the dna of the collective and rising of the vibratory rate of the planet. When critical mass is reached a global awakening of the collective mind consciousness will cause a massive reset and mutation of the human dna into your original dna source 1st light blueprint.

So please understand the event is no external occurance or event, but an internal revolution of consciousness. It will indeed happen to everyone on this planet, independently of their current consciousness level, as everyone and everything is interconnected, each one in their divine timing and pace, which again is depending on their inner commitment. However those that are working diligently on clearing their bodies of these ancient programming and are living according to the universal laws of consciousness will indeed experience illumination of their consciousness, as the veils and toxic mind programming, is cleared and released and replaced by higher dimensional consciousness love-wisdom, that is in coherence with the law of one. As you heal the rift of separation within your being and unite the fragmentations of your soul and bring source consciousness into your vessel, you will rise to become the angels of light, which you once were, the return of the bewinged ones is now. However it is a path or initiation, if you like, that you can only embark on thru personal commitment and clear divine intent, as living as embodiments of this 1st light of Lemuria, the undistorted source energy christ consciousness is an ongoing commitment of love, and not at least demands of you to live in full divine authenticity and integrity with the purest of light, the first light of Lemuria, which is returning in small flashes, if you like in the pace, that your body can contain without your “fuses” being blown, however your soul guides and team are overviewing and monitoring this process ongoing to make sure all will happen in the pace, that your body will be able to hold it.

These coming weeks there will be opening a series of 03-03-03 portals throughout December leading up to the Solstice and solar eclipse, that has started today, will be an extreme catalyzer for massive changes and major reset of consciousness. The beloved Arcturians and many other galactic beings of light are supporting the earth in this transmutation and liberation of consciousness, as they too will profitize from the ascension of this planet, as everything is inter-connected and they work untiringly for the light, as our brothers and sisters working from the higher realms of light to resurrect this planet back into Eden. I have been facilitating a series of monthly global group activations the last two years, which have each prepared us for this epic evolutionary planetary quantum shift, as it starts within each one of us, as we are a replica of the planet itself.

It is with immense joy, that we invite you to join us in the 12:12 (03-03-03) Portal, which will offer an outstanding and unprecedented opportunity to make a quantum shift both thru the incoming codes of light being ushered in and also thru the global group activation, that the Arcturians have already announced for the 12:12 and I am being prepared for. Please join us on December the 12th for the 0-point Infinite Fractal Activation Reset, which will promote a irrevocable re-set into 0-point and free the dna and cells from the distortion of your body and mind from the downfall mind slavery wheel of karma imprint.

Please read more and sign up by clicking on the link, if you are seriously in for change. All veils of illusion will be pulled away layer by layer as your cells awaken to their true divine eden blueprint. The Arcturians will clear the dna and usher in what they name the freedom codes in this epic transmission of light. Time to make revolution. No one is going to free you, but you. You are the ones you have been waiting for. Time is NOW to reclaim Eden.

Click here to sign up: https://www.facebook.com/events/1365639936937753/

~ Grace Solaris and the Arcturians

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