Meet Amma Grace Solaris

Here is what others say about Amma Grace Solaris:

Astrologer, author and producer Gregory Paul Martin,

“Grace Solaris is a profoundly gifted leader, healer, psychic and teacher with a powerful connection to the mythos of Christ, Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail. In her astrological chart she was born with the Sun conjunct Uranus (genius) with the fixed star Labrum (The Holy Grail) in the sign of Virgo (purity). She has incarnated at this time to guide humanity through the tumultuous birth throes of the dawning Age of Aquarius, a pillar of tranquility and strength in the inevitably stormy seas of the coming years, and in the decades to come will become a beacon of light in the darkness on a mass scale. Anyone who comes into the blessing of her orbit is predestined to meet her, and will receive a powerful, deeply transformational experience that will change their lives forever”.

Grace Solaris is a Light conduit, spiritual coach, inspirational writer, published author, ascension catalyst, intuitive and spiritual empowerment midwife of the Aquarian Age with 14 years of expertise who have assisted thousands of sisters and brothers into soul aligned embodiment of their true genuine self and a life of passion, joy and abundance.

It is her greatest joy, divine purpose and planetary mission to assist you in discovering the miracle within and guide you home to your naturel state of Living Joy and re-connect to your divine potential so you can live from your heart as a self governed sovereign co-creator. “Ye shall do greater things….” was imprinted in her heart from early age by her main spirit guide beloved Jeshua and this found deep resonance in her heart and urged her to start her spiritual path and search for God from early age.

Grace Solaris doesn´t call herself a spiritual teacher or healer, though many refer to her as such. She has no techniques, no doctrines, no healing methods as such, as she is convinced, that no one can truly teach, heal or awaken another but can only be instrumental in the awakening and healing of others.

There is only one teacher, one healer, one guru and that is the divine intellegence of love, of pure god consciousness, that flows thru and permeate all beings and all living things. So when we awaken, we only re-member our awakened state of being. When we heal, we only re-discover our innate wholeness (holyness) and oneness with all-that-is. She has devoted her life to being a conduit and example of the living christ in embodiment to assist humanity on its transition into the new golden age, the age of aquarius. Grace Solaris has incarnated at this time to remind you of your unlimited divine nature and catalyze you into self empowerment and soul embodiment.

And indeed Grace Solaris rejoices in in-spiring others to open to their inner joy sanctum and re-member who they are and finding the holy grail, the miracle within. And when you do, you will discover, that miracles are the naturel way for things to manifest unhindred and un-distorted by the limitations and the stones, you put in your way. When you re-connect with your divine self, you are in alignment with the naturel flow of the universe. And you will discover, that your naturel state of being is joy in its purest essence.

She offers various types of one to one sessions, readings, divine attunements, light transmissions and retreats to assist others in re-membering who they are and to reconnect with Source and their Divine Self. If you want to organise a Light Transmission Event or Retreat in your area, use the contact form and send an email and let us know.

Many of her clients experience immediate brake-thru´s after their sessions and awaken to their divine essence, clarity, self empowerment and the ability to start loving themselves unconditionally and embracing their divine purpose. However in effect, it is not her doing, but the individual´s openness and willingness to step back and give space for the divine intellegence of God to work thru and with them. This is a conscious choice of empowerment.

Grace Solaris offers the space of divine grace and the space of the Absolute, which she embodies for this to take place. She takes you into the safe womb of the cosmic mother Sophia, where all traumas can be released and all fake and derogatory programs can be transmuted to give way for your beautiful soul to take full residence in your sacred vessel. Her lemurian ancestry and galactic lineage is holding multiple keys and codes, that will activate your cell memory and help you re-connect and re-member your own galactic and angelic lineages. Amma Grace is a pure embodiment of divine grace expressing itself thru her angelic essence as part of the solar logoi christ body. Her galactic roots are mainly Lyran, Arcturian, Pleiadian and Andromedan but she is carrying a considerate number of other galactic keys and codes as a very ancient soul, which enables her to succesfully activate your remembrance of your angelic and galactic heritage and foster a re-connection and merging with your angelic and galactic higher aspects into embodiment.

The path from the mind to the heart

Grace was born in Denmark in 1966. As a child she loved standing and gazing into the infinite sky and pondering about where her home was. She knew, she had come here on earth from a far away star as a starseed with a mission. In her early teenage years she read some articles on alternative theraphy and healing and remembered, that it was part of her purpose and mission to work in this field. In this same period she read an article on UFO’s and was convinced beyond doubt, that higher beings of light are guiding and assisting humanity in its evolution.
In her early twenties, she started her path of searching to come to an understanding of the big mystery and her place within it. She initiated her search for home, for God/Goddess within. She started to heal and clear herself from blocks, pain and abuses from this and earlier incarnations, from self destructive belief systems and unhealthy habitual patterning. She was assisted and guided intensively by the higher realms, by her spiritual guides, ascended masters and angel hierachies. A self study over several years took her through most of the world religions, indigenous peoples beliefs, philosophy, metaphysics and mystery school teachings. In 1999 she had her first reading and was told, that she is a starseed from the Pleiades and was urged to read Barbara Marceniak’s book “Bringers of the Dawn”, which sparked of the feeling of “homecoming”. At the same time she was told to read the classic 5 band collection “Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East” by Baird T Spalding and told she belonged to this group of masters (yogis) in earlier incarnations to which also Jesus or Jeshua belongs. Only a few days after having finished reading Bringers of the Dawn, she “fell over” Amorah Quan Yin’s book series on Pleiadian Lightwork. She studied and applied these ancient healing- and mystery school teachings dating back to the continents of Atlantis and Lemuria during several years, which intensified her healing and metamorphosis. This was the time where she first got to know about Mount Shasta and she has since been drawn and called to this magical place, which is the Heart of Lemuria and home to Telos and to an important Ascended Masters retreat and city of light – later she would understand why. Having read her first channeled book and being introduced to channeling, she immediately knew of her own innate natural ability to be a channel of light. Over the years her intuition and sensory perception became clearer and clearer and she went through a process of surrendering to and trusting her spiritual talents and gifts, her direct connection to Source. She attended various spiritual workshops, seminars etc. and a 2 year intensive mystery school education and initiations. As suddenly her soul demanded, that she start honoring her own inner heart truth and spiritual abilities, she was urged to drop out of the education half a year before finishing as a practioner (hadn´t really any choice). At this point an avalanche set off within her and started wiping away all knowledge, all teachings, all beliefs, that she had gained throughout her entire search and study and she was stripped down to the core till there was nothing but void. From there she started to honor her spiritual gifts and divine connection and so her I Am Presence was able to take command and guide her further path through her Sacred Heart. And so the path was opened to access higher states of consciousness and she received further initiations among others from masters Babaji, Mary Magdalen/Jeshua and Kuthumi amongst others and in her “night of selfrealisation” she experienced her divine essence as being pure unconditional love. She experienced love as being who and what she is – there was no more searching, no more questions, no more desire in this state of BE-ing. The experience of her essence as unconditional love and divine joy has become a permanent state, which she is deeply grateful for. Her path has lead her to live and work in 5 countries. She currently lives in Germany with her children. Life itself with all the encounters, all the people she met and learned from, has been her greatest teacher and continues to be so. She has experienced, that as we let go of controle, life starts to unfold as a beautiful dance of co-creation with ease and grace, as spirit can express itself thru us unhindered and effortless. When we step aside, God/Goddess can lead the dance to unprecedented hights of divine joy.

Merging with the Elohim and the name changes

Christmas 2009 Grace Solaris was surprisingly contacted by a group of Elohim, who told her directly, that they wish to merge with her and work with her thru sound healing among other things. “The process of merging took about 4 months and I was consistently “pushed” towards acknowledging and expanding more and more into my I Am Presence. From the first contact they said, that I Am Elohim, and also asked me to use the name Elohim, when I feel ready”. They said, without me they are not whole and without them I am not whole. In later messages they told me to change my name Alisha to Al-Isha…they said it would totally change the meaning and the vibration of the name. So I did. And as I later went to the computer and googled out the syllables I found… Al from arabic meaning descending from and Isha from sanskrit meaning goddess. I was so delighted and honored to read that, as it all rang true to my heart. And if it would stop here… no…. months later, they contacted me again after a long period of silence (though they had been working consistently with and thru me) and told me to change my name to Grace Elohim, as they said… Grace is who and what you ARE and that I belong to the group of Grace Elohim. Grace Elohim is all about the energy of the Divine Feminine the nurtering, forgiving and compassionate mother – the Divine Feminine, hence Al-Isha. In the start they did not want to convey, which group or ray of Elohim they belonged to, they said it was not of importance at that point of time, which I understand now. The moment I heard this message and the name Grace… my inner knowing KNEW this to be true… it absolutely felt like home and the next day I changed my name Al-Isha to Grace on my facebook account and shared what the Elohim had told me. The reaction of many fb friends was absolutely stunning to say the least, it was truly celebrated and I got so much incredible feedback all agreeing, that this name fitted me perfectly and that this name is representing my true essence. At this point I did not change my name to Elohim (only to Grace )… well…. yes I thought this change was already huge and then this on top on it… so I thought I would go in stages…and so did the Elohim…very smart… lol. Not only had I let go of my christian name and I-dentity Linda to embrace my soul’s essence Grace, which was such a liberation, but also a challenge, because ego tends to want to hold on to its illusion of I(dentity), but to accept and acknowledge oneself as being an Elohim challenged any feelings of unworthiness, that I still had. Standing up and standing to I Am Elohim is not something you just do, though I know and feel the truth of it in my heart. It is who and what I Am. It is home. So as a birthday present to self (in sept. 2010) I decided, that it be the right time to finally stand to what and who I Am. To stand to I Am Grace Elohim, no more, no less. By the end of 2014 I was urged to change my name again after having embraced and integrated my angelic essence, it was time to embrace all shades of my human self including my christian name Linda. I felt for a long time that I also wanted to incorporate my christian name into my vibration, as it carries an important light code/vibrational tone, that was given to me purposefullly at birth. My christian name Linda refers to my soul lineage back to the L´s or the EL´s, which was the first root race on this planet, also referred to as the Elohim, they again derive from the cyclopes and were the builders of this planet…. Beings of immense love, that implemented the will of God and still do. And again 2016 I started to feeling the presence of the Solar Logoi, who are the Godhead for this Solar system also referred to as Alpha and Omega or Helious and Vesta, but there are indeed several groups of Solar Logoi with each their tasks to exercise god´s will. After the implementation of this energy, which is the energy of the great I Am that I Am, I was guided to change my name to incorporate this vibration and tonal chord thru the vibration of Solaris.  Many spiritual traditions have their adepts incorporate name changes as part of the rites of passage they go thru for a good reason. It is not about having a fancy name…. lol….. it is about the frequency and vibration that the name carries. And a name´s vibration have a powerful impact on our state of being, on our interaction with others and our life in general. So we can purposely use a specific name vibration to support us in incorporating certain divine attributes or aspects of self. I also offer the service, where I channel a name vibration that supports you on your path with a mini-reading.

Below is an excerpt of the initiation, that I went through as part of the merging process. I share this as I believe, that the time has come, where many will be merging with their angel presence (angel I Am) and Angel family. I have also got evidence of this in the sessions, that I give. Now is the return of the Angel Tribe. Now is the time that the angels walk on earth again, but this time being aware of who they are. The Elohim shared with her, that we are all angels inhabiting a human vessel and that the word human being was created at a time where we had degraded in consciousness and lost the memory of our true origin.

Excerpt of the merging

The Elohim worked with me for a period of 4 months to prepare me for and merge with me. In april 2010 we went into the final stage of the merging. Suddenly the back of my high heart was on fire and my crown which had been influxed with highvibrational energy continously during three days again started to burn with intense fire and the fire spread out to my head, neck, back and then in front of my high heart and chest and radiated from there into my legs, arms, hands ect. Again I saw my wings opening. The burning was so intense it actually felt like fire. The Elohim explained to me, that it is the reason why the merging has to be made step by step to emit overburning. I had to consciously breathe real deeply to anchor the energy into my body and to let fully go. Actually this burning was like icecold and fire burning at the same time. I lay down inoperative on my sofa for a time which seemed endless (as I looked at the clock afterward one and a half hour had passed) and I had so many other sensations, which are difficult to explain, but I will try. I also felt how I somehow slowly melted away. The Elohim explained to me, as they felt my fear….your I is melting away and you become Elohim. The fire spread out to all of my body and ran down the different channels throughout the body. My body shivered and twitched again and again and I also felt a deep fear emerging in me, because of the sensation of dissolving. Though I was afraid, I was able to let go and embrace it, but now and again the fear peeped back. Suddenly I got a shock, as I sensed and saw a snake with my inner eye, not only did I feel the movement of the snake inside of me, but I saw the head of the snake outside but very close to me from inside of me. Difficult to say whether it was actually inside or outside, I saw a huge head of a cobra. After a while it stopped its movement and rested somewhere between my third eye and crown and afterwards I had this totally weird sensation of consciously looking outside of my vessel from the inside, but out of one HUGE eye, I felt like almost my whole head was one eye. It was the sensation of my soul consciously looking out of my body into space. My body vibrated in a very strange and unfamiliar way and I first could not see normally, as I opened my eyes, as my vision was shivering and blured. This was all new and strange, but it was/is surely divine grace entering my life and whole being. Since I decided to stand to who I Am a whole new flow and abundance has entered my life. I am blessed with divine grace each present moment and my heart is overspilling with love and gratitude for the beauty of existence. Blessings of infinite grace is bestowed upon all of us each present moment, as soon as we open up to it. It is time now to stand up to who we truly are. No more playing small, no more playing unable and unworthy. We are all we need to BE, if we’d only dare to let go of our fear of not being enough and of the illusion of being separated from God/Goddess.