When you give up your story only love remains

Divine ecstasy is our natural state of being. It is only because of our resistance and continual aim to control, that we experience separation and pain. The vibration of divine ecstasy will automatically set in when we fully let go…. letting go of our story and illusive self, when we stop trying to figure out things and living from the two (separated) hemispheres of our mind, but surrender completely to our heart space (oneness) and letting our self fall into the womb and emptiness of the infinite void of all-that-is. It is in a sense allowing our self to die, to disappear or vanish and become ONE with the sea of love, that we are with nothing more to hold on to…. no Identity, no story, no definitions, no forms, beliefs or whatsoever. It is surrendering to just BE-ing limitless and eternal. ~

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