Living as your galactic self

Posted 5/6/2014

galactic self


From Pretence to Presence…. BE-ing at home with who you truly are…. the divine flow of omnipresence.

Ask yourself the questions who am I really….? Am I the image that others have of me, am I what my parents or my partner want me to be, am I the thoughts that flows thru my mind and continiously hold me in a mindset of what I ought to be or what is expected of me. We build our I-dentity on the ongoing experience we have in the world of polarity….. me versus them (victim/abuser), yesterday versus tomorrow, black and white, good and evil…. a world which is rooted in linearity ….. a timeline going from A to B or from we are born until we die.

However this is the very hoax… there is no time, there isn´t even a me and a you…. there is only the ETERNAL ONE that is omnipresent beyond the A and B, beyond past and future, beyond life and death, beyond the I-dentity and illusion of me and you. But when we live from our mind and intellect solely the omnipresence of God/dess is no longer tangible or even able to live thru us. In the prison of our mind we are caught between worlds of illusion scattering ourself in multiple versions of what we think we ought to be and pretending to being something that we are not.

In the world of polarity we compare, judge and evaluate everything as seen from the mindset of duality, which is the cause to all suffering. What we need to do is to step into our hearts….. a space of unlimited grace beyond restriction, beyond labelling, beyond I-dentification…. In this space we can simply BE with what IS…. aka being in the presence of God/dess within without the need to fix or heal anything.

We do not need to pretend anything, we can strip off all masks, all shields, all roles and props, as there is no self there to disguise or hide or defend …. everything is seen as shades and expressions of the light, all colours are allowed as they all together and only together “shape” the ONE light, that permeates and unites all of existence. We (our self) is no longer in the way and the omnipresence of love can run and flow thru us… like a river… we are no longer in need of wanting to controle or stear the course in the knowing the river will find its way without our “doing”. We have returned home to the space in us, where God/dess is omniPRESENT from the tiniest quantum particle to the infinite galaxies…. no need to pretend, no need to go anywhere, no having to fix and heal “a broken illusive self”, but simply BE-ing here and NOW in the embrace of freedom in a joyous dance and lovestory with Source. ~ Grace Antara Ma

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