Message from the Council of 13. It´s time, it´s time, You are calling yourself home

Message from the Council of 13 November 2014. It´s time, it´s time. You are calling yourself home.

Posted 10/12/2014

Message from the Council of 13, a galactic message from our space brothers and sisters received by Grace Antara Ma November 2014.

It´s time, it´s time. You are calling yourself home.

Be blessed, beloved masters. This is the Conglomerate of 13, also known as the Council of 13. We are the ones amongst you here and now speaking to you from the higher realms, not to be seen or perceived as some beings different to you. In fact it is you speaking to you. It is a response to the yearning in your heart. You are calling yourself home, you are reminding yourself, that the time is nearing to our coming together, to our reunion. This union is not only to be seen as a coming together in the physcial, yet the ships are ready, the ships are nearing and standing by waiting for the right moment, where we can actually appear (be seen) in your physical reality, this however is dependent on your ability to arrrive home within your self, to acknowledge yourself as a galactic being of light having come to this planet to bring light and anchor christ consciousness. You are far more than that, which you define as a human being, that is only a tiny part of who you are. This is only a role, which you have dressed up as in this time to allow you to make an experience in this physical realm as masters of light, as galactic beings to support this planet in ascending into oneness and reinstalling heaven on earth to this planet, to end the war, the greed exploiting the human heart caused by thousands of years of deterioration of human consciousness.
It has brought you farther and farther away from truth, from the light, that is your divine essence and that which has brought you into life and enabled you to make this earthly experience and now beloved sister, beloved brother, the time, the time of returning home is only a moment away, it is only a decision to be taken within you to accept yourself as a galactic being of light – meaning that you will transcend the misconcept, that you were born into a restricted time frame on this planet living here to finally die thru a linear process of decay… Until you transcend the belief that you are made of solid matter, you will not be able to make the experience of yourself as light, which in truth is what you are made up of…..until you let go of the limited belief that you are bound by the borders of your body and limited by the physical vehicle that you inhabit. It is with urgency beloved masters, that you break the walls of limitations, the limitations that you have been raised to believe in. The borders that have kept you from experiencing yourself as a galactic being of light, which is able to transcend time and space, which is able to create thru focused thought and divine intent from the tiny space of your heart, from the zero point of which all creation takes place. There is no chance of you achieving the necessary vibratory rate as long as you perceive yourself as solid matter limited to a human body. The higher aspect of you are working together with great effort with your galactic sisters and brothers working from the higher realms to allow you to experience more and more of your multidimensionality, as your body is transformed and reconfigurated down to dna level. New pathways are being constructed within your brain, your central nervous system is being recalibrated to responding to new frequencies. This is all an alchemical process that is taken place within your bodies. And some of you struggle a lot, or should we say fight against those frequencies as they are “forcing” you into experiencing yourself far beyond, what you thought possible, tearing down the walls of safety of the limited beliefs, that your ego has guarded so long. However the increased light frequencies are pulling away the foundation, the fundament on which you have built your beliefs about who you are and about your physical reality. And the struggle that some of you are going thru is causing a lot of chaos in your mind and in your life. There is actually a revolution taking place within your mind and therefore some of you cannot seem to find sense in your lives anymore. Where you used to feel clarity, you feel lost and without anything “solid” or concrete to hold on to. Everything is dissolving and crumbling in the increased light pouring into this planet. The waves of the solar storms and rays of light are transforming everything stagnant or solid in nature and frequency. You are forced to leave the sinking ship, which you are aboard.
Yes you asked to embrace the allmighty power, which is your godgiven gift to create an image of yourself as a true master and sovereign being of light in command of your reality and to slip-into that image and live from its frequency in coherence with the cosmic laws. To do this however it is demanded that you let go of two of your most treasured beliefs, namely that time exists and that you are a human being doomed to die. Because it is exactly because of these two beliefs, that you are held in fear and in separation from your godself. It is those two beliefs that keep you trapped in the density and laws of the physical realms. How to transcend these beliefs… ? Yes beloved masters take on your free will to choose and to make use of your imagination and ability to create any reality that you desire. Create an image of yourself as a galactic being of light, eternal, infinite, omnipotent and omnipresent. Treasure this image, cultivate it with your energy and intent each day, because this image will bloom into reality like a flower, that opens and more and more it will become your reality and experience of yourself, depending on your ability… and when we say ability we mean your dedication and intent to create as a sovereign being and you shall be able to bring this image into life in an instant all depending on how much energy, intent and time you limitate yourself to make use of. Remember we told you time does not exist, so if you limitate yourself to believe that time exist, you will make yourself restricted by this in your manifestations. The expanded version of yourself very well knows that time is an illusion, that is held together by your mind construct, which is a part of who you are in this reality. But as we said you are more than this mind construct, as such it is only a tiny part of your human makeup. So beloved masters discern and make use of your energy, of your thoughts in a way that supports you in seeing beyond the limitations, that have kept you trapped to this point. Live from the now, from your heart space, live in the image of your galactic mulitiple self, live in the sovereignty of your galactic I Am Presence. There is no space for excuses anymore, no energy to be wasted on what keeps you trapped in the human experience, because the life you have been living is crumbling down and the more you hold onto it, the faster it crumbles, the more confusion and chaos you will experience within your mind and in your external reality. We tell you this not to put pressure on you, but to encourage you and to remind you, that you are able to take this step this very moment and there is no way that you can fail, if you devote yourself with all your heart to see yourself as who you truly are. But we ask you to let go of the two biggest illusions in your life, namely those of time and death. This will be your freedom and ticket into becoming who you are, into becoming the true creator god, that you are. And you will arrive home and find yourself amongst your galactic family and “their” lightships, that you are waiting for. You will realise that those ships of light are just appearances in physical form of something much grander, namely a great collective of awareness, a conglomerate of different frequencies, that might take form in the physical or not. When you have reached the necessary awareness and vibratory rate you will transcend the need to see and experience those ships in their densified form and experience yourself already “aboard” and understand that these words spoken are spoken from yourself to yourself. That we have never been separated ever. Welcome home, it´s time, it´s time. We envelope you in the diamond rays of light, in the mastery of your galactic being and welcome you aboard. Be blessed. Transmission received by Linda Grace Antara Ma, november 2014. Feel welcome to pass on and share this transmission with credit and link to my website

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