Solstice fire initiation by the Elohim


June the 21st 2012.
Greetings beloved ones. We are the Elohim. And we come forth on the ray of unity consciousness, on the ray of christhood, because indeed this is the moment for you to embrace your christed self, it is the time for your fire initiation thru the sacred fire of the sun behind the sun at this auspicious moment of time; the last Solstice before the end of this last circle ushering in the new golden age, the time of no-time.  We invite you to open yourself to receive your fire initiation, your baptism to your christed self, as these are the light codes being infused thru the grand cosmic portal at this Solstice. And it is indeed an unprecedented opportunity and gift, a grand dispensation given to initiate and baptize you into your christed self thru the encodings being ushered in thru the Solstice portal…. meaning that you will receive the complete divine blue printing of your christed self and for those who are ready in addition their adam kadmon body (your fully activated lightbody). This has been granted by divine decree to those of you, who have prepared yourself sufficiently by consistent inner work to shed the layers of ego to become servants and chalices of divine will and so it is said and so it shall be done. However there is no one on the planet, that will miss out. The last ones shall be the first, and the first shall be the last. Everyone will receive exactly as much light as his/her vehicle is able to embrace at this point of time without causing any damage or overload in the central nervous system. An overload can be compared with the blowing or burning of a fuse, when too high voltage is applied. Your I Am Presence and ascension team will overlook the process and know the exact proportion, that your system can deal with and that serves you and has been doing so all along. 
So you are asked now beloved ones, to breathe deeply in and out for some minutes and let go of all definitions of identity, all concepts of form to connect with your formless state, to become the holy grails, that you have earned thru continual shedding of  the veils of illlusion and in this state of divine surrender to resurrect thru the sacred fire. We ask you to focus on your crown chakra…. feeling it expand and open into the thousandfold lotus with ease and grace……………. now feel the light pouring in filling your vessel with sacred fire love……………… filling every cell, every fibre, every atom of your body and upgrading your dna…………. This proces is not to be understood, only to be embraced and allowed. This light in itself consists of encodings, that hold the divine blueprinting of your awakened christed self (you need not do anything, but let it find its way, it is divine intellegence in its purest form) and as this pouring in of the sacred fire takes place breathe deeply and allow yourself to dissolve into and merge with this light, which is pure god awareness, pure awakened christ consciousness in the highest possible octave, that your system can deal with at this present moment.  You are now bearer of the christ flame, you are servants of divine will in action. You are re-united with your divine inheritance, your original angelic dna. You are El-o-him, co-creator gods each one of you in your own supremacy in obedience and service to your monadic solar source self. We ask you to be conscious of your responsability to serve as such as unwavering pillars of light. You are the torch-bearers, the lighthouses for those still lost in the sea of darkness to find home. Thru your vibration, which is the vibration of christhood and resurrection, you will be able to catapult others into this same frequency, as they open themselves to do so, as the needed vibratory rate for a collective quantum leap has been reached. However it is everyone´s free will to decide whether to ascend in this window of time or not and part of their divine plan, whether this is chosen or not…. thus everyone independently of their present level of awareness, will be given opportunities to do so and you will be the midwifes and the new ascended masters walking on earth; the first ones to ascend and maintaining their bodies in the physical realm. You are the bewinged ones, whose return you have been waiting for. You are the return of the race of the avatars on this planet. The One who acts as One, who serves the ONE, that permeates and sustains all living things. We congratulate you and thank you for all your efforts and all the inner work achieved to fulfill the prophecy of the new golden age. So when we salute you, we salute you, as you. We are no different from you, we are one in heart and soul. We are the golden Ones. So it is written. Be blessed in the light of the Almighty ONE. We are the Elohim. 
Received thru Linda Grace Antara Ma thru Elohim June the 19th 2012.

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