Testimonials to Light Transmission


Allow me here to share my gratitude regarding the beautiful session I had with you last week and our beloved Kuthumi. 

It was purely magical in every aspect. It was not a typical session as you acted as a conduit and channel for the healing energy of Master Kuthumi and held the space. You did it with so much generosity, trust and peace… What can I say? The energy level was one of the highest I have experienced. So much love , peace, oneness and beauty…I really felt it was zero point and I felt deep healing, a greater expansion of my third eye, rise of the kundalini, recalibration and expansion. I felt bliss, peace, calm and vastness. I also found my higher-self in one of the clearest vision I ever had and my life purpose was given to me and it was crystal clear and resonated in each of my cells. A lot of downloads also happened during the session and at the end I saw myself bathed in that magenta purple light

It was a blissful experience and it was a call. These unique session you facilitate , really clear, activate and heal at the dna level to get you fully ready to start the work. My beloved sister, I am really grateful to you, more than words can express.

So I recommend this to any healer, teacher willing to unlock his or her soul potential. Come with no expectations, for each session is unique but they are all equally magical and bring all unique and unexpected gifts.

Namaste to you Grace! How precious you are !

Your sister in light

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