Interdimensional doorways are opening within our consciousness


Omg this full moon energy is so strong… the last hours some heave duty solar activity has “slammed in” .. I have moments of “slipping in and out of dimensional portals” these last hours….. almost like loosing consciousness… feels similar to when you feel “spaced” however this is a brand new sensation and expansion of our consciousness and perception of time and space…. Increasingly it is like there is hardly any time or rather time runs so fast (turn it as you like)… it is simply our perception that is altered... it seems like there is only a series of moments spiraling onwards taking us from here to there with the blink of the eye. We are going galactic….. yeah……….. I say yes yes yes…. I love this mind blowing and heart expanding experience where nothing is predictable other than this present moment of grace and what we can make out of it. Choose to radiate your highest possible vibration and being the most loving version of your self. Love will take care of the rest from this moment to the next, from this breath to the next. Let all else rest. You will be absolutely fine even in the midst of the unknown. ~ Linda Grace –

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