You are more than a broken heart, you are more than your story.


In fact there is nothing that you are not… so why limit yourself to some complicated story and Identity that you adapted because of some childhood 3D matrix of a limited version of you. You are more than this story, you are more than a broken heart, dis-ease, depression, a failed relationship, a punk, a drunkard, a manio-depressive-don´t-fit-into the box….. you had reasons to experience that yes, but as perfectly as you adapted into that particular version of you, you can be anything else as well… and I mean anything else. No it is not complicated, ego would like it to be, but the truth is, it is a matter of choice of vibration and mastering the vibration of the particular reality you want to manifest. First step is to acknowledge the fact, that you are infinite potential and that infinite realities and co-existences is inherent in you. So which one do you choose, it is a conscious choice, that you need to be fully commited to to give it life and call it your own. You can shift it right now, you are all you ever needed, you are all you ever wanted to achieve. It is all here and now within you. Tap into the pool of infinite potential in you.  You are a co-creator par excellence. You already proved it to yourself. Now what version of you speaks to your heart, what is it that your heart years to do… go do it without apology. Mastering vibration is mastering reality. ~ Linda Grace

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