Solstice healing ritual by Mother Mary: The birthing of divine union and the rebirth of your inner twin


Greetings beloved lightbearers this is Mary coming to you on the ray of divine love of christhood asking you to open your hearts wide open on this glorious solstice day and portal, which is an introduction of a new feminine quality of the golden purple magenta ray of light. It is a divine gift from Creator to accelerate the anchoring of the divine feminine. We applaud you dear ones, so many of you have done much inner work to heal and transform your inner wounds on the divine feminine and to come forward in your vulnerability, which is indeed your greatest strength.. something many of you haven´t dared to do for lifetimes, because of deeply imprinted memories of being silenced, condemned and punished for honoring the goddess in you. It has been said before, and yet it must be said again… to make the shift of consciousness and create divine balance, it is critical that you embrace the divine feminine within in all her aspects. There are some misunderstandings in relation to as how to do so. It is an inner commitment to serve and yes it is no commitment that comes without trials. It is easy to fall back into old patterns, when we are challenged by people or situations that trigger our memory of eons of repression…. patterns of hidding in the background and letting others step forward and speak up, it is easy to hide behind layers of ego and pretence dressing up in beautiful garments to abstract from your shielded hearts and yet on the inside not giving space for the beauty of the goddess to touch you, not trusting in her guidance, but falling back at what mind is telling you and hence remaining in the comfort zone of what is familiar and what feels safe to you. The divine feminine is about trusting and surrendering in each moment to your feelings and your heart´s divine guidance (intuition). However it is not enough to just trust and listen, but to put it into action, to speak out your truth and express yourself diligently, uncompromisingly and with confidence. Yes this might be frightening, but I assure you, that if you dare to take that leap of faith the blessings bestowed upon you will be manifold, it will strengthen and empower you to express yourself even more. Each time you allow truth to be spoken thru you, each time you follow your heart´s inner promptings you will become more whole, more strong, more in alignment with your divine self and overall more balanced. The power of presence of the divine feminine is of outmost importance to create balance and divine union in the heart of humanity and it is urgently needed to stabilize mother earth and the electro magnetic field, as she is going thru very turbulent times shedding thousands of years of patriachal abuse off her skin. Remember dear ones, each one of you are carrying an inner hologram of the planet within your energetical field, and as such you are pillar of lights and anchors for the grid system of the planet, each and every one of you. So when you create divine balance within, you will act as catalysts for mother earth of divine balance and stabilization, which is much needed. As such you are all anchor points.

And how to create this balance beloveds…  first it is necesary to understand that in this universe there is no duality, no higher or lower, there is however divine opposites yin and yang, which the divine feminine and masculine represents in the cosmic hologram. Therefore it is paramount to give both aspects in you due rights to express themselves and co-exist as equals. To understand and discern when which aspect and energy is more applicable, this however is not complicated, because when the two of them are aligned, the divine feminine in you, will be the aspect in you, which will guide and prompt you how to deal with and act in different situations and interact with others. She will take the lead in alignment with your soul thru your sacred heart.

But there is indeed much contempt towards the divine masculine, because of thousands of years of repression, abuse and controle by the patriachal dominion since the fall of Atlantis, which has caused a lot of denial of the divine masculine, especially in women, but not only in the women, because men equally carry a lot of resentment and shame towards the divine masculine, because of what they have experienced in previous timelines… either being abusers themselves or witnesses to what was exercised by the ruling power, by their fellow brothers, whom they called friends or even family. It is important to face these inner feelings of contempt, pain, of anger and despair. I offer you now the opportunity to heal these wounds and to transform and release the imprint and memories, that you carry in your dna.

So you are asked to please connect with the divine ray of golden purple magenta light, connect with you higher self and call on this divine ray of resurrection to cleanse, transmute and consume all energies, that keeps you from honoring and embracing both your divine feminine and divine masculine aspect…. bath in this light, let the pictures and memories wash away…… with the feelings that surface…… of grief, of hopelessness, anger, resentment and disgust… any feelings that may surface, bid them into this light of grace and call upon all aspects of your self, that you have disowned, dishonored and dis-integrated from your being, because they were too hard to bear, too hard to face, too hard to feel. Call them back now to receive the grace, the all-encompassing love, that flows thru this Solstice portal on the golden purple magenta flame from the heart of the divine mother. Make peace with all the people that your wounded feminine and masculine aspect attracted on your soul´s journey, with whom you experienced trauma and abuse in whatever form…………..  Now call all fragmented parts of your soul from this timeline, and from all previous timelines and realities and parallel realities of the multiverse to parttake in this healing ceremony. Form a circle with all these beings around you, these fragmented aspects of your self and place yourself in the middle of the circle. Offer each of them your love, send a ray of love from your heart to their heart… one by one…. take your time …… turning to each one of them in the circle offering your gift of love………………………………………….. connect your heart with your higher self, which will create an apex, a pyramid of light, which reaches up to the center of the galaxy, the galactic core and from your heart send the energy downward to the center of earth with divine intent and create a pyramid pointing downwards and anchoring in the earth star core. Now each part, an aspect of self will reconnect with you and anchor in your heart as one. You will see different faces, men and women of different cultures and timelines… all being part of who you are, all carrying memories, experience and imprints, that will now receive divine resurrection thru the divine mother. Express your gratitude to all these aspects of you for having held those energies and memories for such a long time, even for life times, but ask them now to release those energies, so that those lost aspects and extensions of you may return home and become one with you, so that you may return to your innate state of oneness and achieve divine union within and vibrate on the frequency of the 144000 as an embodiment of christ consciousness. Let the energy settle in your heart and expand into your whole being….. breathe it in……… Take as much time as you need to integrate into your totality all those aspects of you.. (make a pause in reading this message if needed)………………… ……………………………

And now let the energy of oneness permeate every cell and atom of your being, let the divine essence of your christ essence take space and command of your sacred vehicle. Now take a seat at the throne of God/dess… your divine feminine as well as your divine masculine side by side as allies and servants of love… as equals with mutual respect and commitment to being of service to each other, to nurture and support the other in any situation. Feel now the frequency of divine balance vibrating and radiating thru your every cell, breathe it with every heart beat…. there might still be turbulences or resistance felt in your body, but trust that your body is now releasing and cleansing itself and needs time to do so… so be patient with any discordance or resistance that may surface, be assured it is leaving your energetical matrix and body and give the needed time for this to happen with trust in your heart. The impact of this light transmission is giving you the needed assistence, so simply be the observer and allow yourself to watch this sacred merging of your divine feminine and divine masculine aspect in your totality… this sacred birthing of your inner twin, the Beloved within, the child that is now born thru the alchemical process of divine union. You will no longer feel the need for external validation and love, when you grant your inner twin the freedom to express and envelop you with its love and honor you as the divine being of love, that in truth you are…. with passion and devotion… and freedom of judgement from your now integrated wounded aspects of you….. you are now free to step up and show up as catalysts of divine union christ consciousness, you are pillars of divine balance to this earth to the frequency of the 144000. Carry this energy into the world with humbled commitment to serve the ONE source from which all life originates, mother/father/god. Thank you beloveds for your devoted hearts to serve your next and this planet on this ascension journey into Christhood. Blessings from On High. This is Mary, mother divine in all of you. You are immensely loved. 

Transmission received by Grace Solaris, Dec. 21st 2016

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