Our deepest fears are powerful rites of passage, opportunities to master energy, which is preliminary to our ascension


Last year I went thru the most extreme rite of passage, which was triggered by an accident, where I was faced with my greatest fear and shocked to panic (yes we may think we have conquered our fears, until we come to the level, where we are confronted with death). I immediately knew it was all about releasing myself from the matrix of duality on ALL levels… I went thru many many levels including physical pain that forced me to transcend my deepest fears and all the illusions that duality is based on and to embrace, acknowledge and implement my divinity to one hundred procent and transcend ALL illusion. It went on for 4 days and night where I felt how all my being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies was stripped and released from the matrix. It was energetically so intense that my body shook and trembled uncontrollable so that I could hardly stay in my body and I experienced how I ascended with my body into a different dimension…. During it all I was supported and guided by my spirit guides and I Am Presence how to move my body to help it to shed and release…. I knew that it was ALL in my power thru holding the frequency of my I Am presence to bring myself thru this rite of passage and not allow any fears to intermingle. As I had mastered one level the next came and step by step I released myself and came out on the other side …. It was 4 days of non stop energetical “tour de force” that was so intense that I still have to rest a lot to regain strength and have the physical wound that started it all heal. And all along in between the different rites I received light upgrades and activations that I am still assimilating. When I was just over the mountain on the 5th day (on new year’s eve … me still lying in the “horizontal”) an incident took place, that gave me the opportunity to “relive” what had just happened to me happen to another person and I was able to support this person and help her thru. I have gathered that many are being challenged beyond their (self inflicted) limits to finally end the game of duality and step into their mastery as sovereign eternal beings of light unrestrained by time and space able to create our reality free of fear, pain and separation able to perform miracles and move matter. All this thru heart/mind focus and creating our reality solely thru choosing our vibration. It is ALL about frequency and we are each and every one given the power to choose. Every one of us. Extending my love to embrace you all especially those of you who are moving thru the dark valley of illusion being faced with your “worst case scenarios”. Embrace these challenges as gifts, because that is what they truly are – rites of passages to freedom. Choosing each present moment between love or fear which are the two basic frequency bands where reality is played out in duality. There is no 2016 nor was there a 2015… It is all NOW and how and what we experience as reality is all depending on what we radiate and signal to the universe thru our mind/heart focus vibration. Welcome to freedom beloveds…. It’s time. As multidimensional beings we are capable of surfing in between dimensions and parallel realities the same way we walk in and out of a room in a house….this is the essence of what these initiations showed me. On our journey to mastery we will all be faced with our greatest fear, which will offer immesurable gift for us to become embodiments of love and masters of Vibration.  We are begged to finally move completely out of our comfort zones, if we haven´t done so already. Time to trust our wings.  – Grace Solaris

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