Inner-knowing arises thru feeling


Truth cannot be accessed thru your intellect… your intellect can understand concepts even complex ones, but to truly realise truth your heart has to be involved…. feeling has to be involved. Your mind is limited by linear thinking, whereas your heart is multidimensional in nature. Your heart doesn´t need to understand the bits and pieces of why and is not bound by logic…. it naturally feels what is true thru direct experience… it cannot be explained nor understood, it simply is. It is more of a witnessing, than a process of active effort to make things believable and truthful. Mind is asking questions after questions, heart listens and feels. Truth can only be heard in the silence of your heart. If you need answers, become silent and listen to your heart. No one “knows” better than your heart. The divine feminine intellegence in you is aligned with the akashic records and accessed thru your heart. And the more you let go of wanting to know (getting out of your mind-body), the more you become “all-knowing” simply by BE-ing present in your heart from moment to moment… in this space of grace, you become one with the omnipresence of god/goddess. And all questioning looses its value. All that matters is being and expanding in the grace of the present moment. When you are too much in your mindbody, you loose the connection to your soul and the omnipresent field of divine love and get caught up in the mind chatter of the collective mind-body. You loose yourself in past and future and cannot be present in the NOW. And you are stuck in what has defined your past and projects this unconsciously into the future. This is why we keep having things re-occuring, similar patterns happening, similar partners, similar situations taking place. Only by conscious focus in your heart, can you align yourself with source and the divine intellegence, that transcends all-knowing. You become divine intellegence embodied, love incarnate. ~ Linda Grace

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