Feeling allows you to “see” with your inner vision

In the new earth energy we are demanded to returning to our original way of seeing, which was applied before the fall of Atlantis, which implies making use of our naturel ability of telepathy and clearvision/clearfeeling. It wasn´t until we collectively dropped in awareness and “got taken over” by our mind(controle), that we started to get misguided. We were no longer in alignment with our heart and no longer in touch with our feelings. And no longer connected to the wisdom of our soul. The patriachal dominion that took power after the Fall of Atlantis mislead us from our feelings and made them non-trustworthy, unreliable and even made it a sign of weekness to feel. And there were good reasons to that. This was the aim of “amputating” the divine feminine within and brought us totally out of balance and in disalignment with our heart truth and lead to the separation to God/Goddess, which has been the foundation of duality.
Thru feeling we become the seer. We get into alignment with our highest aspect (our god-self) and the wisdom within our heart. We become independent sovereign beings in our own authority. The seeing “eye of Horus” is operating, when we are fully present in our heart, because the heart is directly connected to the pineal gland, the center of vision. Whereas when we are in our mind, we want to controle what we see… we look unconsciously or subconsciously for certain outcomes and get deceived as the mind controles and manipulates what we see. We get deprived of truth and misguided.
Only thru feeling shall we become the seer. When we go into our feeling and ask for clarity, we bypass not only ego´s desire to controle what we see, but equally and we bypass mind´s and ego´s desire to know, which is a hidden desire of the mind to manipulate and controle what we see. And the fact is we can never know anything for certain. Truth can only be experienced.
Test this out to gain clarity about certain decisions or to receive visions…. Go into your feeling… let yourself go deep deep deep… no hurry… just feel and see where it takes you…. surrender fully to the feeling WITHOUT engaging your mind… i.e. do not judge your feelings in anyway, do not evaluate what you see or perceive); but simply remain a neutral witness unattached to any outcome. You may be amazed how much clarity you get, because when you TRULY feel, you become the experience, you live it and transcend any need to “know it” and it enables you to much easier be at peace with whatever you are experiencing and go with the flow and what serves your highest good.
Inside everyone is a visionary, a clairvoyant telepathic being able to communicate with all life and interact with all dimensions and realities. Beneath our human space suit, we are intergalactic beings of light with a naturel ability of keeping in touch with the universe thru feeling… it is our direct “line” to our soul, to spirit and all cosmic forces. ~ Linda Grace – www.graceelohim.com


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