The importance and true meaning of sisterhood, includes healing ritual

As synchronicities beg for it, I have been guided to write about the importance and purpose of the sisterhood. There are indeed many different sisterhoods around the world (of which many are re-awakening) and they all serve to create and bring into manifestations seeds of evolution to create new worlds, to birthing new awareness. They also serve as the collective voice of different deities and goddess aspects, of Gaia but also of many different cosmic deities, that is serving earth´s evolution. They are serving as midwifes and healers alike, the oracles and seers thru which goddess transmits, acts and speaks as One Being. However her original purpose and role in society has been corrupted thru years of patriachal dominion since the fall of awareness in the last phase of the atlantean era. Everything that was related to the goddess was condemned, banned and cursed as was those who served her. This has caused deep wounds on the divine feminine aspects of humanity, no matter if you are currently inhabiting a male or female body, it is a collective wound, that is imprinted in our genes. It gave birth to the shadow side, the archetypal energy of Lilith, which was projected onto women. She has been silenced, bondaged and burnt throughout thousands of years of patrichal dominion on this planet. This was aimed to and has caused women to turn against each other, rather than being in support of each other. This has caused the global sisterhood to disintegrate, so that it could no longer fulfill its purpose. It has caused negative programming and beliefs of distrust, envy and competition to pollute the mind of many women and of men as well… The archtype of Lilith that will not hesitate to use any measures to attain her goal, you may say it is an egoic shadow aspect of the goddess in her wounded expression. The healed form of the wild raw goddess power, is represented thru the goddesses Kali (hindu tradition) or Pele (hawaian huna tradition) amongst others. Raw kundalini power, the seed of creation itself, which was seen as a threat to those who wanted to be in power after the downfall. However this aspect of the goddess, is much needed right now as well as many other aspects to promote the much needed change on the planet. Hence it is important that women come together to heal the collective and individual wounds on the divine feminine. Because for women to come into their power, the sisterhood is of great importance. Women are called forth now to be oracles for the goddess, to step to the forefront and take on leading positions in society, in schools and other educational institutions, in politics etc, in positions of authority, where change is needed. Because it is thru the lead of women and the divine feminine, that a sustainable change will be born, as they carry the seed of the unborn and are the keepers of truth collectively spoken. But for the goddess to come forth and take the lead, women need to feel safe and supported by other women in circles of power. They need to trust their heart and intuition. It is a purpose of every women to nurture the sisterhood and support their sisters, as they are one kin and many have served side by side in the role of priestesses in many lifetimes. Many feel the inner calling now to unite once again. To reform and awaken the sisterhood, a sisterhood free of dogma, free of restrictions in its balanced healed form. I for one have been given messages about this already in 2006 and on numerous occasions since then.

Women need to gain trust in and understand the purpose and importance of sisterhood. Each sister represents a certain energy or attribute, that is unique to her and in the circle everyone is honored for her extraordinary gifts and expression of the goddess, which no one other can replace. Everyone is supported to bring about her greatest talents, as this serves the greater whole. Everyone is nurtured, loved and honored in and as her highest potential. No one is higher or lower, no one is favored or worshipped above others. The circle represents the womb of the goddess and in this circle everyone is equal, everything is brought to harmony and balance within the circle, which is the main purpose of the sisterhood… to keep the earth and all life in divine balance. So we are asked to take a deeper look and feel into our relation to our inner Lilith…. what does she look like…. is she free and wild spirited… or angry and mischiouvous, because she has been silenced and rejected. Does she still have a voice, a light in her eyes….? You can make a healing ritual in honor of her, by calling in all the women whom you have had negative experiences with, the women that have betrayed you, manipulated you and intimidated you, that have thrown shadows of envy towards you… or in whatever form throughout this life and beyond in all incarnations and timelines in this reality and all parallel realities. Call them forth to join in the circle and make peace. Ask the healed aspect of Lilith and any other goddess aspects you feel closely related to and familiar with, to assist in this healing to transmute all negative emotions, beliefs and  programming, that you carry in your body and cell memory. All these women each represent aspects of you, that you have disowned. Now ask them to form a circle and to hold hands and let forgiveness walk from heart to heart, and flow from hand to hand to transmute all distortion on every aspect of the divine feminine in you, bow to each one of them in honor of the flame of the goddess, that they hold in their heart. Ask beloved Lilith to anoint everyone with the healing grace and mercy of the goddess-head, Shekina, the source of all life. Open your heart to welcome all these aspects of you back to your heart, trust that they shall no longer be against you, but support you in every possible way. Trust that they have your back in any situation and that you can count on their support. And the sisterhood shall rise within your heart once again and be a soothening balm and healing arm of “Mother” to a child. There will be those who will be called to bring women together in sacred circles for healing of their fellow sisters and for the earth itself. (Men are of course not excluded as they too carry aspects of the divine feminine), however that will depend on the purpose and aim of the circle. The sisterhood, when regaining territory in each one of us, will support us in taking on our roles as embodiments and “extensions” of the goddess in whatever way we are guided to according to our soul´s purpose and soul plan. The sisterhood within your heart is your connection to the divine feminine aspect in all life. Welcome “her” back. She is so needed and so deeply loved. When you have accomplished this, it is of necesity to create balance between your divine feminine and masculine to come into full harmony and Oneness, as you can only truly serve the earth in divine equilibrium. Therefore you may also look into your divine masculine and see whether you carry any wounds, that needs healing for this aspect of you to serve in divine alliance with your divine feminine. Together they are invincible and a constant for the much needed divine balance on this planet.

Linda Grace –

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