5D unionship, a whole new form of partnership.

The magnetic pull of soul mates (divine counterparts) is sovereign enough to brake down all mind´s idea of a “perfect” mate, so that one is urged to obey and left no choice than to trancend personal preference of physcial appearence, age, culture or any external physical attributes. It is all about soul coherence and vibration. To soul that is all that matters. Your soul doesn´t care about blue eyes or brown eyes or physical form. Nor does it care about your romantic ideas of the ideal wo/man. The magnetic forces at stake will be forcing a coming together on all levels of your being, if according to soul contract. Foremost the souls will join forces on soul level (in the higher realms) and if it is part of the plan, a coming together on the physical level will happen consecutively, when and if both parties are open and ready. If ego are given free hands by one or both parties most likely these unions are seen as a “threat” and avoided, because of the profound mirroring, that these soul connections are triggering, if ego patterns are still unresolved. Many evolved souls are still resting in toxic relationships, as they still have lessons to learn to come into self love and divine union within and/or in some cases, because of vows of eternal love “I will never leave you” contracts from previous incarnations. 
Now however is the time for divine unionships to be formed – a new balanced form of relationship, where we see our partner as an integral part of self, as a divine extension of self, not one to make us whole or complete, but to share our wholeness (holyness) with. A unionship where we see and serve our partner as a living embodiment and expression of God/Goddess in his/her own right with no fear of rivalry or competition, but simply being his/her divine mirror and servant of love in its purest transpersonal expression. These unionships go beyond personal agendas of playing “father, mother, child” or “getting engaged and marry” storylines”, but are about anchoring the twinflame energy/divine union tantric encodings into the new earth matrix to assist our beloved earth in turning into a beautiful star of christ love. 
It is time to go beyond our personal story and preferences, it is time we grow up and show up as masters of love and trust love, trust our hearts guidance and follow its guidance. It is time that those still holding on to old vows of eternal commitment to certain souls, set themselves free to evolve and follow their souls plan of creating divine union within and become androgynous divine beings of love beyond condition or personal agenda, sacred vessels of divine union and ONE with all of existence. ~ Grace Solaris 

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