A spiritual “adopted” name, is a powerful catalyzer to promote great change used in many spiritual traditions


As a means of incorporating and reinforcing essential divine virtues or soul aspects, it is very supportive and powerful to connect to and if it feels right to make use of your soul essence name/vibration. This is something that is used in various spiritual traditions across the world as a means to embody aspects of your soul, that you still haven´t incoporated. On your spiritual path you may come to a point where you no longer feel in alignment with your christian name as a result of inner transformation and a growing desire to embrace the entirety of who you are. I am often asked if I can help in channeling a name, that is more in alignment with who you truly are or that can support you in getting there. It is a naturel desire that emerges as you become more and more open to embrace your full divine potential and soul ancestry or divine aspects, that will bring you into a deeper wholeness and connection with your soul and soul ancestry/lineage. I am offering mini-readings that will provide you with the name aspect of your soul and its meaning/vibration, that will assist you in coming into the “wholeness/holiness” of who you truly are at this point of time. This is to be seen as a tool and help to open up to your divine potential and step into your soul´s purpose. These names are not terminal but as you move on and evolve you are ready to incorporate new aspects, that deepens your connection and alignment with your soul´s essence and soul monad. If you are interested in a name/vibration mini-reading please send an email to info@graceelohim.com or use the paypal button. Apx. 20 min, 44 Euro

4 thoughts on “A spiritual “adopted” name, is a powerful catalyzer to promote great change used in many spiritual traditions

  1. Beverley Ann French ( Nithyasarvodaya, a spiritual name given 9 yrs ago unused here in UK) says:

    Hello my darling amazing Grace! <3 was wanting to know how much it would cost to have a reading – interpretation please send me details,have the most beautiful weekend AS You ARE xs of lite Beverley

    • dear Beverley, it´d 33€ for the reading, which is apx. 15-25 min. channeled message from your guides with information to your divine gifts, particular soul aspects. divine virtues etc. that will relate to your name and the vibrational signature, that it will carry. This is not to be seen as a terminal name, but what will serve your highest good right now to move deeper into your soul´s essence and purpose. I would be most blessed to serve you again. Here is a link in case you would like to book a session, please use the paypal button to complete your booking, as I do the readings in the order I receive the bookings. Bless your heart beautiful sister. You are deeply loved by my soul.

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