Find true strength thru the power of vulnerability

The longing for divine union of your soul can only be fulfilled thru surrendering to being fully transparant and “available” , not by hiding or protecting yourself behind a shield and keep at “safe distance” physically, emotionally or energetically. Dare to be touched, dare to drop the mask of superiority and false strength. Dare to surrender to the divine feminine within and let go of controle. She will nurture your intuition, the soft and gentle being within you, that seeks expression to just BE without needing to compete or compare herself. Laying down your armor of protection is letting go of the weight of thousands of years of patriach energies, that have sustained the “war” between mind and heart, between the divine masculine and feminine, that kept your divine self repressed and separated from others.
The balance between your divine feminine and masculine aspects must be honored and granted “equality” for you to truly find inner balance and that is where you will draw true strength and harmony from and what is the premise for divine union within self, the encounter with the Beloved within and your divine counterpart and all-that-is. ~ Linda Grace

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