Choosing love is an ongoing commitment

There is no wonder pill or remedy, that will keep you in the space of peace and unconditional love…. OTHER THAN choosing love again and again and living from the heart… by monitoring your thoughts and discern what you give your energy to… is it honoring you, is it supporting you in expressing your divine essence and living in alignment with your truth. True freedom is something that only you can grant yourself by consistently choosing and intentionally giving yourself permission to express your true self and follow your dreams. That is true SELF EMPOWERMENT… no one can do the job for you… not the best healer or therepist or coach in the world can do this for you. You can receive skillfull advice energetically, you can transform and heal, so that you may let go of unhealthy and limiting patterns, that have kept you small and separate from your true self, but you are the one creating your reality by the choices you make in the present moment. If you keep buying into old behaviour or giving life to outdated limiting beliefs of the past, you will keep repeating the same “story” again and again and will not suceed in transcending the I-dentity of who you are NOT (your limited self). However it is all about what vibration you emit, what energies do your cultivate, are they in your favor or not…. by diligently choosing what you give your energy to, you can master your energy, you become a master of your reality. That is true empowerment and a gift of self love. Soul growth and expansion is an ongoing exercise and devotion to love. It is taking responsability for everything in your life… things don´t happen to you, but you make them happen consciously or unconsciously. ~ Grace Solaris

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