Indications of wounds on the divine feminine

Artwork: Jane Scarlett

How do you know if you still carry wounds on the divine feminine aspect in you (goes for men and women)….? Well if you are in a relationship have a deeper look or if not how is your relation and interaction with the other gender in generel? Do you feel honored and respected, do you feel seen and loved unconditionally for who you are, do you feel free to speak up your truth and share your emotions freely without fear of repurcussions, or do you feel restricted and limited in your self expression, do you often feel hurt, rejected or belittled or emotionally abused, then there is an evidence of one or more wounds on your divine feminine aspect of self.

If you are stuck in an abusive relationship and feel unable or even unwilling to walk away the womb cleansing meditation (you will find it in the archive of the blog), will enable you to become “whole” within self and unneedy of external sources to feel loved. Many that still have deep wounds on their divine feminine are stuck in relationships, that are characterized with ongoing dramas and battles, that rip open these wounds on and on and are unable to move on and rid themselves of their abusive partner, because of co-dependency and the fear of being on their own and subject to their own lack of love and hence stay in toxic relationships for years and years creating new wounds on and on while deepening the wounds of the past. Until you have healed the wounds and embraced all aspects of self as divine, you will not be able to love self unconditionally and will repeatedly attract partners who reflect your lack of self love. The very key to your ascension is to establish divine harmony within, thru balancing of your divine feminine and masculine aspects, so it is vital to heal your wounds on both your divine feminine and masculine aspects. Take an honest look at your relationships and see where you give your power away (and buy into other´s opionions about you). Do you feel inadequete and unworthy and afraid of speaking your truth and just be who you are… this indicates, that you carry wounds on either your divine feminine or masculine aspects and there is a deep need for healing. A loving nurturing relationship to self is the premise for a loving relationship to others, whether it be partner, friends, lovers etc. Time to have a deeper look…. the solar eclipse have highlighted and brought to the surface our deepest wounds (and where we hold onto illusion), so use its powerful energy to cleanse and heal the wounds, that have emerged and any outdated beliefs, that are sustaining you in living and or remaining in unfulling relationships to self and others. ~ Grace Solaris

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