Forgiveness has several layers to it and demands to be dealt with in different ways to bring about true healing


Forgiving can be a powerful tool of transformation if done properly. However there are a lot of misconcepts around forgiving, which I feel compelled to shed light on. I witness again and again thru the work with my clients, that there are not only several layers to forgiveness, but forgiveness can be done from different aspects of self. It is one thing to forgive someone or oneself, because we intellectually understand, that there is a higher plan and lessons to be learnt, or because we with our “adult” mind and spiritual assessment and understanding know, that those involved, were not able to do any different, because of their own wounds or lack of awareness. This kind of forgiveness can bring “mental” peace, we can “close” the case so to say, however it doesn´t heal the emotional body and its remembrance and therefore it keeps vibrating in this wounded “space” and keeps attracting situations, that confirm and reinforce the experience on one level or the other again and again, or physical symptoms, that are caused by the energetical blocks reemerges again and again or even become chronical “ailments”. Often wounds that we carry are rooted in childhood experiences. In this case you might need to connect with your inner child aspect(s) and see and feel your wounds when doing forgiveness work from its/their perspective. I experience again and again in the sessions, that I facilitate, that people that come to me say, that they have done extensive inner work (also with the help of therapists, healers etc. and claim that everything is long forgiven…. however thru my clairsentient gifts I can often feel, that forgiveness has not taken place from the heart and that there is still negative emotions stored in the subtle bodies and energy field. Often it is simply a mind decision of “well I must forgive, so I will do it”…. however this sort of forgiveness is not authentic and not coming from the heart…. hence it will not truly fulfill its purpose, but only scratch the surface. So we are deceiving ourself to believe we have forgiven and actually believe it. There are also more layers to a wound…. especially with deep traumatic wounds and sometimes we can only access so and so much at a certain point (which is fine) and we need time to release and let go to reach deeper levels to finally forgive completely. That is also why we sometimes experience, that issues we thought to be done with, re-emerge out-of-the-blue, as our light frequency increases and display “new” layers of issues or wounds, that we thought were already healed. What matters however is, that forgiveness comes from your heart, that it is an honest authentic desire to make peace with those, who have caused you pain and suffering for what ever reason. True forgiveness is an act of compassion and gift of love. Not because you have been told that you need to, but because you really want to with your heart and soul. In doing so, you not only cleanse your heart and body of low, dense and negative energies, but also makes a clean slate for brand new experiences, new relationships, new encounters that honor and support you in your growth and self expression. When true forgiveness has happened, healing is a naturel result and you not only set yourself free to a new beginning in your life, but also set those free, which you have held “hostage” as your abusers (and yourself free of playing out the victim). It is a powerful tool for soul growth and evolution, when done from a genuine desire to let go of the past and what you can no longer change. It will cut the chord to the past experiences and set your free to step into the present moment of divine innocence and freedom mentally, emotionally and spiritually and last but not least will free your physical body from the burden to carry the pain and in some cases express it thru illness. Bottomline it is a gift of love to self and all involved. As you heal yourself, you also heal a “piece” of those involved as well, as we are all connected.  ~ Grace Solaris

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