Re-connecting to Source & your divine Self Light Transmission (Skype apx. 1 hour):

Re-connecting to Source & your divine Self
Light Transmission (Skype apx. 1 hour):


In these sessions I hold the space of the Absolute, Source, Great Spirit, Atman or what quantum physisists call the O-point quantum field. It is a space of no thought-no mind, of infinite potential as it is the Source of All-that-Is. A space of pure God consciousness. In this space you can re-connect to your divine self and Source and see thru all illusion. All layers of illusion will dissolve one by one until there is only void and you will merge with your divine self and receive an upgrading to your divine blueprint, you will literally connect to and become ONE with Source. It is an ecstatic blissful experience of expansion, peace and stillness. If you already feel connected with your divine self these light transmissions will deepen the connection and you will receive the (dna) upgrading, that you are ready for at this point. The upgrading is an ongoing process as our human carbonbased genetics is turning more and more crystaline until we become fully silicon based beings. Silicon is the basis of all lifeforms in the 5th dimension and above.

 In the first part of the session all that needs to be shedded will be removed and transformed and you will be reconnected to your divine self and Source. In some cases, depending on how much transformation work you have previously done, you will not feel this deep state of bliss right away, because ego aspects of you keep you from allowing full integration of your divine self. In this case all layers will be removed during the session(s) one by one until divine resurrection can take place and you will be able to re-connect with your divine self. In the second part of the session we will exchange about what surfaced and I will share what I intuitively felt and received during the transmission. You will also have the opportunity to adress issues or ask questions. Throughout the light transmission itself (first part of the session) we dwell in silence. If you are interested in organising a group event of a light transmission in your area, please contact me. For a one-on-one session with Kuthumi please send an email to with your timezone and skype name and use the paypal button.

Apx. 1 hour 88 Euro

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