The cosmic dance of resonance. Becoming a seed of creation, a tool of the universe to manifest your wildest dreams

Watch for the signs… well really in a universe that is made out of pure energy, where everything is reflected back to you thru vibrational resonance (magnetism) there is nothing but signs… in other words everything is a sign or simply a magnetical response to what you send out…. a dance of particles taking form to show you what is serving your very best every single moment, a universal principle that all that exists is “ruled by”. Every tiny aspect of the universe is playing a part in this grid of energy, which is forming the hologram of your reality, constantly changing, forming and manifesting your present moment inner state and interaction with everything, which is part of that hologram including your higher aspects, guides and spirit as a whole. So if you watch carefully you can “read” in any given moment, what is to your highest best… where does energy flow, where does your feelings take you or tell you. It is thru feeling that you can read the “signs”. When we live in and thru the heart we interact in accordance with our soul and the universal laws. When we are in our head and wants to controle things, we mess up the divine flow and sometimes take unnecesary D-tours, that bottomline will be a lesson, that you will have learnt something from. But well why making D-tours and complicate things, when we can get everything served on a silver plate. Why walk upstream when we can ride downstream and reach our goals with ease and grace. It is a constant exercise to being in the heart and being mindful. What do you give your energy to, what thoughts to you give power to.. do you give into fear and doubt and let it controle your actions, then you will attract situations, that are challenging or even painful. Indeed we attract some situations to learn and grow from, but we can learn the hard way or with ease and grace. The way of the heart is needless to say less complicated and in many cases even elevating and joyful. When you choose to emanate gratitude and surrender to the fact, that the universe is benevolent and that it always has your back… it indeed has your back. It will always find solutions, ways to manifest and support the unfolding of your soul´s plan. It is law, it is the very nature of the universe. So yes the signs are everywhere…. there is nothing that is not a sign…. when you realise this you can consciously “play” with the universe and get guidance to your next steps. What does your heart say… what feels right in every single moment… trust it, follow it… no matter what mind says… what seems risky to the mind, is not even considered by your soul, as it sees things from a higher perspective. It thinks only in solutions and knows of the infinite potential from which it creates every single moment. When you say yes and let go, it will show you ways and guide you along and find solutions, you wouldn´t have dreamt of, opening doors you didn´t know the existence of. All you need to do is to being fully alert, fully present, fully aware in each present moment and say YESSSSSSSSSSSS … the how´s, when´s and what´s let it go and dive into the grace of the unknown, the eternal dance of creation and you become a seed of creation, a tool thru which the universe will manifest your wildest dreams and make the imposible possible. The seed of creation is one of vibration. Each living thing, each thought, each action is a seed of vibration, that will grow into something thru action (moving of matter). We need to return to the way of the goddess. We need to become seeds of creation and surrender to life. Life follows the flow of evolution and divine plan, that we are all part of. You cannot force upon life to have it your way. Ego may believe it can, but it is a fatamogana created by ego to believe you are in controle. The more you resist and aim to be in controle, the more you suffer and feel out of controle, because you are going against naturel law. By surrendering to the flow of creation, you become the law and unfoldment of your divine plan. ~ Grace Solaris

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