We are turning crystaline as we merge with the ascended body of the feminine unified christ. Time to give her the lead.


We are turning more and more crystaline as the divine feminine is establishing “herself” and picking up territory on our planetary body as well as in our physical body …. after the latest eclipses shedding….immense upgrades of our light bodies have taken us to a whole new octave… one thing is what you see on the outside with your physical eyes… the physical dense matter…. but the feeling on the inside is absolutely amazing.. I feel so sparkling and high vibrating…. fluid, crystaline… and vibrant … and yes…. orgasmic… (not in a sexual way) but it is that high of ecstatic joy that is our soul´s essence…….of pure delight, pure ecstacy… that was never lost, but distorted by the veil of illusion. We are coming home. The timelines are merging, the dimensions are merging… we are becoming Source itself. And we are sentizied on all levels… our central nervous system has been upgraded extensively…. those who have been living in neglection of their feelings can no longer NOT feel… those that have been living in denial (lyeing to themselves) have to face truth…. we can no longer escape our shadow, we can no longer close our eyes, our ears, our feeling, our intuition… the planets frequency has raised to the point that the shadow can no longer escape the light. And so let there be light. Dare to dive into the present moment and being present with what IS… what does soul want of you…. what is your heart telling you… what does your intuition say… the divine feminine aspect of you is demanding to take the lead and orchestrate your life according to your soul´s purpose but also to lead and guide others, if you are called to it… but we need to understand that leading is not a masculine attribute or intellectual act, which we have been conditioned to believe. True leadership comes from the heart and is never driven by ego or personal gain. The divine feminine can only act according to divine will and what honors the whole… she is the mother, the shepard, the nurturer… how can she love one child and not another… how can she benefit one and disadvantage another, it would be going against her very nature, as she sees everything as an extention of self. Trust her and do not be afraid of stepping up and taking the lead…. do no longer hold yourself back, no longer dim your light… do no longer withhold from yourself the divine sovereignty, that is your godgiven gift and purpose. We have learnt to be afraid of power… but unfortunately because humanity has misused its own divine power for personal gain and thereby manipulated and deploited others, because the motivation behind it was driven by egoic desire. Your divine might (diamantine light eminence) and sovereignty was given to you to exercise free will, to manifestate your soul´s passion and purpose in coherence with divine will. And if implemented in such a way, the outcome will always honor the greater whole according to the law of One. It will always gratify and serve the greater plan. It will always foster prosperity and joy… and isn´t that what we all want. ~ Grace Solaris

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