Your time is now to be the ONE. New years message from Sanat Kumara

New years message by Sanat Kumara.

2018 the year of mastery. Be your own guru.

Beloved children of earth this is Sanat Kumara coming forth to you again with great urgency in my heart. You are standing on the brim to a new era. 2018 is going to be the gamechanger. Everything is going to be new. It´s a new dawn. As I already stated to you in my message of late, the collective of this planet has reached the quantum mass needed to shift this planet´s frequency to one of oneness, which literally means that this planet is going to be lifted into a different vibrational reality, which means a shifting of vibrational timelines.

If you adapt and allow the needed change, you are going to experience the world as you know it from a whole new perspective. You will see the world with new eyes and hence are forced to approach it from a new perspective. This demands a moving out of your comfort zone, a moving away from old ways of doing things. You simply will not be able to go about things as you used to. It simply will not work. If you aim to still act in familiar ways and are prompted by old ways, you will not feel any moving forward. It is like walking upstream and will deplete you of energy.

2018 is the year of completion of your mastery, a year 11, which begs you to walk your talk and implement your inner knowing. There are no more time for excuses to make the changes, that you need to make. Many of you have worked hard on expanding your consciousness, transforming outdated behavioral patterns and thinking and healed old wounds and by doing so have reached an understanding of the holographic story you created for this incarnational experience.

However you came to the most with an intact knowing of your supremacy as creator gods, but by allowing yourself to sink into amnesia you played the game of victim to perfection. You have graduated and now it´s time to walk into the world and implement your knowledge, it´s time to create the world you came here to manifest. A deep knowing in you knows, that you are more than meets the eye, that you are more than your physical body. You have allowed yourself to believe you were bound by liniear time and approaced the world from the limited perspective of polarity. Now that you have completed the inner work to unite your polarities, or are on the way to fulfill this task, you must take the step into sovereignty. You must approach life with such certainty, with such trust, that there is no more space for doubt. Because doubt is a product of the limited thinking of a duality based mind, split consciousness, divided from its source.

However you have come to know that reality is more than what it appears to be. That there is infinite possibilities and infinite realities at your hand side by side. It is up to you to grap it now and play with it. Be playful like children who simply do things with such determination and conviction that they cannot fail. Whatever it is that you aim to manifestate in your life, whatever it takes to change your life to one of joy and happiness, it is available to you right here and now. Pretending to being inable is not an option.. you are much to far down the road to being able to convince yourself of such limited belief.

The master in you has read between the lines and re-membered the truth of matter. Hence you know of your mastery, pretending not to be good enough or unworthy will not work anymore. As you are claiming your inner mastery, the external altars of worship have become redundant. The game of division and victimhood is crumbling, because the vibrational environment you are navigating on this planet now, is one of mastery. So if you try to play games with yourself, it will only seem absurd…. as the higher aspect of you is seeing what your ego might still pretend not to see. Previously you were able to convince yourself of the limited version of reality and the limited version of your self of your egoic mind-set, however it will not work any longer. Yes you might still try, but I will assure you, it will not be fun and the more times you keep repeating pretending not to know, it will become tedious and boring. So it is up to you how long you will continue to play the game of pretence. How long you want to play hide and catch. It will not be long lived. You will start to see with crystaline sharpness in the new earth frequency, the results of your choices, even though you might try to deny it, it will be shown to you. A deep inner knowing within you and an inner urge of your soul will show you alternative ways to go about things. And from the moment you stop buying into the old game of duality, a new childlike joy and passion to explore and manifestate out of pure passion from your heart´s inner nudge will take you to brand new experiences of life and lead to encounters with kindred souls of similar vibrations, who too are walking in mastery.

So whether you feel ready or not, 2018 is the time where you will need to walk your talk and walk in your mastery. You will be kicked out of your comfort “nest” and forced to spread your wings of mastery. And beloved ones you cannot fail, because you have already prepared well. It would be the same as pretending not to be able to ride a bike. You simply cannot unlearn it, when you have figured how to do it, you cannot not do it. And this is where you are now. You have figured out how to navigate duality from a space of oneness, and learnt that your external world is depending on and coherrent with your inner world and perception, not the other way round. You cannot deny it anymore. Not taking responsability would be pretending to be toddler unknowing of the consequences of its actions.

As you unite all polarities in you, you will discover new talents in you, re-discover unlived dreams and passions and many of you will be prompted to make huge changes in life this coming year. To finally leave that toxic relationship, that you deeply know have been holding you back (which you used as an excuse to move on and take on your mastery). You will finally leave that job, that has been draining you of your last passion, because you didn´t find any purpose in it, but stayed years and years out of safety and comfort. You will finally be able to leave outdated ways, that keeps you limited and move into the fun of exploring new fun ways of doing things… to explore the magic of playing and being in the flow with life. You will finallly take responsability for your life, and stop blaming others and hold others accountable for your life. You will know it is your own choice and doing. The master in you will no longer buy into the illusion of victimhood. The bridge behind you is already gone up in flames…. there is no way back than walking the path of mastery.

You may watch those around you, that desperately try do return to the old ways… but their attempts will not be long lived… everyone on this planet are deemed to walk in mastery, which is nothing else than consciously choosing what serves your highest good, choosing your thoughts, choosing your vibration and showing up in your mastery each present moment, being consciously present with what is, owning your sovereignty and acting as a co-creator. The way to honor and serve the whole is to owning your mastery. Honor the path of others by granting them the freedom to move forward in their pace, even if they are desparately holding onto the old ways, own your vibration, do not aim to drag them along, let your living in your mastery be their inspiration, their “remedy” into the new ways, it is thru your vibration, that you make a difference in the world and help create the new heaven-on-earth. The christed one in you will lead the way for the christed one in everyone and everything you encounter. It is the law. You are the ONE, the return of the christ en masse. You are the christ, the buddha, the guru, the eternal one with infinite names. Your time is now to be the ONE. ~ Grace Solaris

2 thoughts on “Your time is now to be the ONE. New years message from Sanat Kumara

  1. Tana Archer says:

    I Love this “The bridge behind you is already gone up in flames…. there is no way back than walking the path of mastery.” woo hooo.. So Be That <3 I so agree "Honor the path of others by granting them the freedom to move forward in their pace " this has been a lesson for me to step back & allow. Thank you Dear Grace …and Beloved Sanat Kumara …appreciate <3

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