13th Dna Strand Activation one-on-one


I have been guided to share these monumental light transmissions one-on-one, which is a download and activation of our “missing” dna strand, the 13th dna strand, which the Arcturians refer to as the seal of the star of David (mentioned in the Keys of Enoch), as they have proven to be exceptional in power and capable of promoting a permanent shapeshifing and awakening into galactic avatar conscious mastery. The 13th dna strand was removed from our original galactic dna due to the hidden schedule of certain entities, that experimented with human dna even before the fall of Atlantis (representatives from certain star races that were not in favor of the earths evolution and had their own agenda, they later incarnated in and infiltrated the atlantean inner circle priesthood ). This missing dna has kept the human race separated from their original divine galactic template blueprinting for thousands of years and created not only the perception and feeling of a veil, but also created a deep gap between source and self. The 13th dna strand is the strand, that consists of the complete divine avatar blueprint, our galactic origin in its wholeness, which at the same time connects and aligns us to the 13th dimensional plane of existence.

Whereas 12th dimensional plane is the seat of the great central sun and galactic core, the 13th dimensional plane is Source itself for this particular galaxy. Needless to say that when we receive the download of this missing link to Source, we receive the template of and become the galactic beings that in truth we are. The veil is removed and we are fully aligned with Source BEYOND individuation. It is a merging with the twinflame within.

In the 12th plane of existence there is still a sense of self experiencing itself as differentiated (not disconnected) from Source. The 13th dna strand is what “glues” everything into ONE and what seals it….

When we are receiving this download the left and right hemisphere of our brain is reconnected thru a golden lemniscate, the infinite symbol, which is an energetical construct, that connects and seals and anchors energies, this will allow for complete balance and divine union between all polarities, between our divine feminine and masculine aspects, between our heart and intellect in divine union.

This is an evolutionary quantum leap from human into galactic consciousness, becoming ONE with Source beyond individuation. The step that comes after the actualization and completion of our ascension. Needless to say that your entire divine potential, which exists in 0-point eternal now, will become available and “at hand”… your divine gifts and talents will flower and you will have a brand new sense of oneness, that will no longer be “threatened” or weakened by the egoic mind.. or at least you will become aware of it, when it happens and can accordingly transcend it in the clarity of oneness. All veils are lifted. You will merge and perceive yourself and source as one and the same beyond individuation, when you are fully present in your heart and aligned to the galactic heart and your avatar body template consciousness.

If you feel ready to take this epic quantum leap and shift into galactic consciousness oneness, please book your session. This is a quantum leap into the golden age, which will leave all polarity behind. The Arcturians will remove all that is in the way for you to expand into this oneness with Source, a peeling off of all layers of falsehood, illusions, negative beliefs and veils of illusion. It will strip you to the core to give way for the galactic avatar mastery presence to become actualized within your body awareness and align your mind/heart into ONE in the sacred space of your heart and promote an awakening of your divine gifts and talents and sense of Oneness with Source.

Apx. 45 min. 88 Euros

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