Starseed Lineage Reading & Attunement

Beloved Soltec who is serving under the Ashtar Command and several councils of light has guided me to offer these sessions and offered his assistence as more and more starseeds are feeling called to come out of the closet and into their true mission. It is time to come into formation! 

This reading is tailored to giving you insights to and connecting you to your star lineage(s). It will focus on the galactic imprints, that are most prominent and important for your soul purpose in this timeline experience. The reading will highlight the unique gifts and talents, that are needed to be implemented for the fullfilment of your planetary mission and the role you play in scheme of the greater whole and the earth´s evolutionary plan. It consists of a channeled message as well as a galactic attunement to the particular star or planetary system and/or your galactic higher aspect and starmonad you are connected to and need to embody.  It is a homecoming to who you truly are and aimed at removing all the veils and the longing for your galactic home by aligning you and enabling you to embodying it within your sacred vessel to assist you in remembering what you came here to be and get on with it. A starseed kick-starter that will propel you forwards into your planetary mission and the embracing of your galactic origin and avatar mastery. The channeled message that I receive in the first part of the session (which I do in my sacred space and time) is followed up and supported by a remote light attunement to your stellar home frequency or to particular galactic higher aspects from your soul monad depending on what is most needed right now. 50-60 min.  111 Euro

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