Starseed Starportal Activation one-on-one


The Arcturians and the Cosmic Dolphin Collective are offering this unprecedented opportunity of having your starportal activated. As more and more starseeds, frequency holders and gatekeepers are awakening and feeling called, I have been guided to offer this monumental activation one-on-one. Dear starseed this is the time we have prepared for… no need to wait for the landing of our galactic family…. we are them.. By preparing and allowing for the opening of your starportal, you will assist in rising the light frequeny of the collective to allow for the star alliances to become visible and palpable and show up in vessels not to “save us” but to unite as ONE and continue our work to anchor in the galactic consciousness avatar age of light. If you feel called to connect with your star family, galactic higher aspect and your starseed monad this is for you.
During this activation the Arcturians and the Cosmic Dolphin Council will download high frequency sparkling silvery diamond crystalline light. I was told it is a metal called Palladium, which is an excellent fuser of light and energy transducer. They download this for the fusion of the Stellar Gateways within our body, which will activate our Starportal. They have told me, that many currently incarnated, but especially the starseeds, blue rays, frequency holders and gatekeepers are star portals and explained, that what they do in this transmision is activating the stellar gateways within our body. We have placed encoded crystals (record keepers) within our being, that form unique exquisite geometrical patterns and what they refer to as stellar gateways, which are the pathways between these crystal mandala formation starportals. You will be coated in this liqiuid light to aid you in the fusion with your “Mothership”. This is not a ship as such, it is actually pure consciousness, that is condensed into matter when entering the physical dimension. They explained that in this particular transmission, they will be activating the Starseed Collective. The Mothership is the consciousness of a collective of starseeds…. the Starseed Monad, which you serve and belong to in your higher galactic aspect. It is a conglomerate of different star alliances, not necessarily only one particular star race. When the starportal is activated in you, it is like a key opening in you, that will activate and unleash the divine intel of the crystal record keepers about your mission, your divine talents and gift and how to implement them… it will become conscious and available in you, as you need them. Many of us have already had access to some of the information of the individual record keepers, however this is an activation and fusing of ALL of them, which will activate your starportal and connect you to the Mothership. This will also link up all the starseeds, that serve the same Mothership and have a common mission.
We all have individual missions and tasks to fulfill, which is all stored in the crystal banks within our being. You will also receive additional downloads, that will support you in serving your purpose and mission on this planet and upgrades of your medulla oblongata, pineal gland and pituitary glad. It is a homecoming and claiming of your star intellegence and galactic consciousness, which will allow you to act in and as the space commander, that in truth you are. Commanding space simply means mastering your vibration and creating out of your infinite galactic christ potential. It is owning your avatar mastery and serving as a conscious starbeing, applying all your galactic gifts and talents in service of the Gallactic Collective of Star Alliences. This is a stepping forward and anchoring in the new Golden Avatar Age of Light.

If you feel ready to take this epic quantum leap and shift into galactic consciousness oneness, please book this one-to-one activation. This is a quantum leap into GALACTIC UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS, which will leave all polarity behind.

What you need to do to prepare and receive this activation:

To receive this remote light transmission you are asked to lie down or sit with a straight back and give your permission and hold divine intent to receive what is to your best and highest good right now for the Activation of your Starmonad Portal, so that you may walk in mastery as a conscious starbeing in human form. We will agree on a time to connect in spirit for the activation. Shortly before we start please go into a meditative state and become fully present in your heart and let go of all expectations. Then simply open your heart and state your divine intent to receive.

The transmission is apx. 35-40 min. There is no audio, podcast or similar involved. After the transmission is complete, please remain in a relaxed meditative state to allow for a deeper anchoring and integration of the energies as long as it feels right before you get up.

Apx. 40 min. Energy exchange 88 Euro

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