Arcturian Dna Cell-Repolarization & Stellar Axiatonal Alignment


The Arcturians and the Galactic Dolphins as well as my galactic self are delighted to invite you to this monumental and groundbraking light transmission, which is part of the ongoing galactic dna upgrades and activations, that is so graciously offered to us by the Arcturians.

This global transmission is both an upgrade and activation. In the first part of the transmission a repolarization of the cells is facilitated by the Arcturians. They are telling me this is the next evolutionary stage in the transmutation of the humanoid dna on a cellular level, a change in the molecular atomic structure and charge of our cells to synthesize us with our galactic dna and star monad oversoul to becoming the crystaline multidimensional beings we are destined to be. During my activation and preparation they told and showed me, that we have been going thru a gradual change in our cells to prepare them for a complete cell-restructuring from carbon to silicon based cells and this is the culmination of that work. This is a change in the molecular and chemical structure of the cells, that has a massive and radical impact on the way we perceive ourself and the universe we are a part of. It is also a change in the electro-magnetic charge in our cells. It will allow for an immense rise in light frequency and the vibrational spinning rate of the cells. This activation is crowned with a reboot of our cells to allow us to fully anchor in our galactic christ unity avatar blueprint on a cellular level to enable and support our lightbody in holding and vibrating on pure source plasmic energy 24/7. When this cosmic unison is established within the cells, you will feel and perceive yourself as a star portal and part of the planetary body, a consciousness field, read, light being around which the planets and stars orbit as part of the universal field of consciousness beyond the human egoic illusion of self and experience a state of ecstatic unity-bliss-joy, which is our naturel state of being of transcendence and galactic supremacy. You will enter and become the center of the quantum 0-point eternal field of consciousness.

The Arcturians tells us, that it is critical that we change our perception of the planet itself, that it is paramount to understand, that the planet itself is more than dense matter, she is a cosmic vibrant living field of consciousness, a galactic being, that our well-being and evolution depends on and that we need to align with to communicate and exchange energies with. The earth´s kundalini is playing a vital role for the ascension of the earth and the descension of spirit into matter. The earth´s kundalini is actually a powerful electrical conduit to assist the galactic consciousness of our multiple self(ves) to anchor into our lightbody merkabah and to stabilize us. It is a circuit to maintain the constant flow of the toroidal field of the planet, which you have a replica of within your chakric energy system. The tantric energy of Gaia is acting as a transducer of energies, that assist in clearing our kundalini channels to enable a continual flow and blend of cosmic energies and a persistent alignment with the planetary, stellar and universal grids. However to fully connect and ground with Gaia, turn within, understand she is within you, rather than you “standing on her”, which is a misconcept of the truth of matter. Instead hold the vision of Gaia within your heart and you will no longer feel ungrounded, but will anchor her into your being. She is a nurturing source for your well-being on all levels of your being, a divine intellegent field of love, that will always cater for your immediate needs as a galactic being, as she sees you as an extension of her, as inter-connected and so she will feel what you need. If you tune in and hold the divine intent to receive, she will provide you with the energies you need in any given moment. You can interact with her telepathically. When you feel scattered, anxious or nauseous go out and connect with her. Open your heart to feel, to listen and to intuit, it is your naturel way of communing and communicating with her and with all cosmic beings. The tantric energy which she emits from the star core of her being, is cosmic life force energy, that your body needs and uses to regenerate, rejuvenate and balance. Because of the gradual poleshift Gaia is going thru, we stress the importance of aligning yourself with the earth´s poles daily simply by stating your divine intent. Thru consistent practice a conscious thought will be enough to adjust your inner compass to the current “north” and the planets axis. 

The second part of this transmission is a stellar axiatonal alignment which will align your inner christ grid with the crystaline grid of the earth and the universal grid as a whole. 

Stellar Axiatonal Transfiguration

The axiatonal lines is a pathway (stellar gateways) for cosmic energy in the body and the energy network or grid in the light body where all dimensional frequencies are transduced into the meridians, chakras and etheric nadial structure. These vertical lines move throughout the entire light body running energy to the chakras. These vertical lines have intersection points with the horizontal fields that project out the chakra cones, and where the DNA manifests. Each axiatonal line has a corresponding dimension, chakra and frequency color. The same network or grid of axiatonal lines, that are present in the personal lightbody is interconnected to the axiatonal lines of the planetary body. The planetary crystaline grid is an exact replica of our personal energy network (and vice versa) and this expands throughout the unified field of energetic layers that comprise the planetary, galactic, and universal consciousness energy systems… and this divine blueprint is also imprinted within each atom of our being. As each drop is an exact replica of the atomic structure of the ocean and seen from a higher perspective the larger cosmic ocean. Due to the repolarization and change of the charge in the cells an axiatonal transfiguration is needed to keep you fully aligned and synthesized with the planetary, stellar and universal energy grids and to keep you in tune with the electro magnetic currents of the earth. 

This transmission is an evolutionary quantum leap from human into galactic consciousness, becoming ONE with Source beyond individuation. The step that comes after the actualization and completion of our ascension. From humanoid dense being to galactic light being. Needless to say that your entire divine potential, which exists in 0-point eternal now, will become available and “at hand”. Your divine gifts and talents will flower and you will have a brand new sense of oneness, that will no longer be “threatened” or weakened by the egoic mindset of duality.. or at least you will be aware of it, when ego comes in your way to inter-fear and can accordingly refocus and realign in love-unison. This will also cause an upgrade and finetuning of your central nervous system, which will impact your sensory perception to becoming uper sentisized (syntesized). All veils are lifted as your consciousness immerse into the 0-point quantum field. You will merge and perceive yourself and source as one and the same beyond individuation, when you are fully present in your heart and aligned to the galactic heart and your avatar lightbody template. We are going crystaline and “gravitating” to lightbody galactic intelligence and reclaiming our seat in the galactic council as the stars we truly are. It is a returning home and immersion with our starmonad oversoul mothership.

If you feel ready for this monumental shift into galactic consciousness unison, please follow the instructions below to sign up. This is a quantum leap into the golden age, which will leave all polarity behind. 

What you need to do to participate and sign up:

To receive this remote light transmission you are asked to lie down or sit with a straight back and give your permission and hold divine intent to receive what is to your best and highest good right now. Shortly before we start please go into a meditative state and become fully present in your heart and just let go of all expectations. To state your divine intent to the universe and ensure divine balance, you are asked to sign up with an energy exchange of minimum 13 Euro (equals apx. 16$). Paypal transfer to: or send to my paypal account: 

The transmission will be apx. 40-45 min. This is a remote light transmission, which have been the case for all of the monthly light transmissions and activations with the Arcturians. There is no audio, podcast or similar involved. It is not needed in this kind of transmission. After the transmission is complete, please remain in a relaxed meditative state to allow for a deeper anchoring and reconfiguration as long as it feels right before you get up. This goes very deep and it is important to allow your body plenty of rest and sleep to replenish and reconfigurate your entire body. This is a total cellular reboot and you might feel depleted for a day or two after the activatation, after which you will feel strengthened, vital and full of energy. 

Energy exchange:

The Arcturians ask you to share an energy exchange in form of a donation to ensure divine balance. Recommended donation minimum 13 Euro/$16 or more. 

Please use this paypal link: or send to my paypal account: or use the paypal button: 


Note: You do not need a paypal account to transfer thru paypal, just a credit card. 

Message me for alternate method of payment, if you do not have a credit card.

We appreciate your feedback and review after the transmission. I will also create a poll, which you are welcome to participate in.

In case you cannot make it at the set time, you can tune in at any given time to 0-point eternal now and ask to receive this transmission. There is no time and space. ONLY NOW. 

In loving service,

Grace and the Arcturians

Transmission will be at 8 pm central european time, pst 11am, mst 12pm, cst 1pm, edt 2pm., Australia 5 am,

To check your timezone:

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