Starseed Activation Startkit one-on-one with the Arcturians



Starseeds Activation Start-kit

As a starseed you knew from early on deep within your heart, you have come to this planet to make a difference. You always had a strong and indestructable curiousity and an inquenchable thirst to ask questions and never allowed yourself to conform to rules and traditions, as they have proved to go against the nature of evolution itself these last thousands of years in earths planetary history. As a starseed you have a naturel tendency to check in with your inner heart wisdom. You do not just “buy” into something, because someone else claims it. This is exactly what starseeds and new earth aquarians are about.

It is time to step forward and reclaiming our seat in the galactic councils as the star beings we truly are. It is time to owning our galactic supremacy and merging with our starmonad oversoul mothership.

No reason to wait for their landing. You are here to land the galactic consciousness, that they hold in form in the starships and motherships surrounding this planet to support our ascension into 5D and beyond. The starships is nothing but galactic consciousness “containers” and many of those that you identify as your galactic family is nothing but a “future” version of who you are. They are no different to you, in fact we are one and the same, just that they inhabit and serve on a different vibrational reality and light frequency. 

This Starseed-Startkit is offered to assist the starseeds, frequency holders, galactic gatekeepers, blue rays and ascension pioneers in fully opening up to and paving the way for their galactic ancestry to anchor in and become true embodiments of galactic christ consciousness, fully empowered starportals, so that you may serve and fulfill your planetary mission and assist Gaia in joining her twin Venus in the 5th dimensional timeline of love~unity and harmony and abundance. The Acturians offer these dna upgrades and activations to assist us in transmuting all the distortions in our dna and upgrading and repoling us to unity christ consciouness and connect us with our full divine avatar blueprint mastery. This startkit is put together to cater for the needed vibrational platform and cellular receptivity to transfigurate into our fullest dna blueprint and to support the metaforphosis of our body into become crystaline beings by restructuring our cells from being carbon based to silicon based molecules of love.

This package consists of 3 groundbraking and highly transformational activations, that each focus on different things. Please scroll down to read the specifics to each activation on this page. They consists of:

  1. 13th Dna Strand Activation 
  2. DNA Cell-Repolarization Activation & Stellar Axiatonal Alignment
  3. Starseed Starportal Activation

Each activation is apx. 40 min. and done as a remote light transmission with no audio or live encounter involved. We simply agree to meet in spirit and connect at a synchronized time for the activation. You are asked to lie down comfortably and connect with the Arcturians and my higher arcturian aspect, that will then work with you remotely. After the actual activation is over,  please remain lain down and allow enough time as it feels right to anchor in and integrate the energies. The initial integration takes apx. 48 hrs, so please allow for as much rest and sleep as possible. To completely integrate and reconfigurate into the new vibration you must allow for up to 2 weeks. Being a lot in nature and drinking a lot of water supports the integration, which impacts your entire body make-up, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, including upgrading your central nervous system, endocryne system, and chakric system, rewiring and building of new neural pathways in your brain. It impacts and shapeshifts your whole perception of your self and your reality. 

It is a kick-starter to shapeshift you into the magnificent starbeing, that in truth you are, so that you may serve and fulfill your soul´s purpose and step into your planetary mission as a sovereign avatar of light and leave the 3D matrix of separation for good. 

To book the Starseed Startkit please click on paypal button below and send me an email so that we can schedule you in.


The energy exchange for these 3 activations, which are each apx. 40 min. is 244 Euro, normal price if you book the activations individually is 264 Euro. 

You may also feel called to book a Starseed Lineage Reading, that will give information about your most prominent star lineage and insights to your planetary mission and soul monad plan. Click here to read more:

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