Videointerview w/Todd Medina – All veils are lifting, we are moving into transcendence

So honored to have been given this opportunity by King of Hearts Todd Medina to share with you all out of the present miraculous heart flow of NOW. If you missed the interview live you can listen here. I am posting it again because of numerous inquiries for those that missed it. In the end beloved Mary Magdalene came thru and shared a message and a light emanation and transmission. What then happens is extraordinary. I start and also the space around me starts to turn lighter and lighter into completely translucent. That light which some people can see with the third eye when they see ascended masters or angels or other high vibrational beings of light…. in this video it becomes visible to the naked eye. The high frequent light codes shared by Mary Magdalene and the many light beings, that we had invited in, amongst others the Arcturians, showered us in the grace of divine radiance into transcendence breaking down all veils. As we incorporate(embody) both our human aspects as well as our higher soul and galactic aspects, we finally transcend them and become pure consciousness (transcendence). If you do not have time to listen to the whole interview go to the end of the interview around 00:58 and you will see with your own eyes as well as hearing the high pitches tones, carrying galactic encodings for us to receive, everything starts turning whiter and brighter until I almost disapear in pure transcendence. A divine gift to all of us of divine feminine keys as well as galactic codes of awakening. Do not worry about not being able to hear what I am saying… what matters is the light emanation and vibration radiated from my being. We are transcending all limitations and merging into One in 0-point Convergence of the Miraculous space of Now of infinite possilities. Let´s abundance. All veils are lifting from within our being. ~ Grace Solaris


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