Arcturian Arc of the Covenant Cosmic Heart~Brain Activation


This is a time of cosmic merging on all levels within and without, transgressing the boarders and limitations of the physical body as well as the physical realm. We are much more than our body, much more than what our duality-based “corrupted” mind-set is telling us. We are universal intellegence in a physical form… star wisdom and divine love. The veils have been lifting within and without for us to bridge the missing link to Source and all-that-is. The inner marriage of the divine feminine and masculine is restored as we allow for acceptance and find balance within the two. This is the time of the grand cymnic marriage, the birth of the twin within, the two becoming One on all levels. Trinity Unity.

The Arcturians are offering powerful ascension tools in form of dna transmissions with upgrades and activations of our entire body make up down to cellular and subatomic level. This month´s global transmission is taking us to the next level… we stand before a gigantic cosmic brake-thru becoming the magnificent avatars of the golden age, that we came to be. Clicking back into source and becoming pure embodiments of cosmic intellegence.

In this months global group transmission we are receiving an activation of the Thalamus Gateway, which will connect the pineal gland (the feminine aspect of our brain) with the pituitary gland (the masculine aspect of our brain) which will be connected thru an electrical circuitry, this will ignite billions of neural pathways and dormant dna to life. They call this the birthing of the Covenant of the Arc, as this gateway will unite the two hemispheres of our brain and give us full access to the akashic records. This will give birth to the cosmic Heart~Brain, which wil enable us to use both sides of our brain simultaniously similar to what the dolphins are able to. It will allow us to bypass the limitations of duality-based thinking and give way for unity based cosmic consciousness to fill our being. This will give us full access to the quantum field of the 0-point akashic library, or rather we become the Covenant of the Arc, cosmic universal intellegence in physical embodiment.

This is a gigantic step for humanity, that the starelders and ancient yogis were embodying before our dna was corrupted and tampered with by certain et´s that had agendas for the earth, that only served and incorporated the masculine principle, which was done with the aim of gaining controle and cause division on this planet, which indeed they succeeded in. We are here to claim back our divine inheritance and galactic majesty. It is time beloveds, it is time. We are the bewinged ones, that we have been waiting for.

Please join our transmission on Sunday September the 2nd with the Arcturians, if you feel called and ready to claim your galactic wisdom and divine gifts and talents. This activation will be a stepping stone to reclaim and remember all our galactic talents such as telekinesis, bi-location, teleportation as well as remembering and using the universal light language and telepathic communication with all beings as this is the universal language, the language of the love, which is the fruit of unity consciousness.

Please click on link to sign up and reserve your space on the mothership of cosmic consciousness to be a part of this unprecedented dispensation of light and evolutionary brake thru for humanity to reclaim our avatar majesty. Here is a link to sign up. Please read thru the event description to get all the details on how to prepare and sign up. Cosmic blessings from the conglomerates of light that is overseeing this event with greatest joy, this is the moment in evolution that we have prepared for. It is a marriage of our “future” cosmic selves with our humanoid aspect…. a divine merging with the galactic heart of all-that-is. A homecoming to cosmic consciousness, Atman, the eternal spiralling of love, that governs all of creation. The Womb of the cosmic Mother. ~ Grace Solaris and the Arcturians

Click here to sign up and know more or go to my Arcturian fb page: Grace Solaris Acturian High Council:

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