Exclusive one-on-one ascension retreat with Grace Solaris

As we have now entered a very intense phase of the ascension process, where we are literally being squeezed to the maximum and the energies are accelerated immensely, all that is still unresolved is surfacing and is asked to be dealt with, at the same times an ongoing inpour and downloads of photonic light keys and codes are being bombarded onto the earth, which needs to be integrated into our bodies both our physical body as well as our light body. This is a super fast tracking of the ascension process, that can be very overwhelming. I have been guided to support those in need of one-on-one personal mentorship and thus offer an exclusive personal one-to-one ascension guide and mentoring retreat. You will be accomodated in a small appartment (self catering) next to where I live.

The retreat will be tailor made to your needs but will include 1 full 2 hour session (a combination of counseling, energy work and intuitive soul guidance) on the first day, dna activations and downloads of your choice, healing transmissions and Satsangs connecting to Source sessions. It will be apx 5 hours daily program split up in the morning with a lunch break and then afternoon program and in the evening we can do a get-together, where we can just relax and chat and if something has surfaced and needs to be adressed, I will be there for your support. This can be totally catered to your needs and preferances depending on what you want to focus on. We can also be working with your channeling and telepathic connection, or you might want to focus on healing deep inner child wounds caused by abuse or healing/integrating the divine feminine aspect and come into self love and divine balance, relationship issues or connecting with and integrating your galactic or angelic aspects.

No matter it is an exclusive and very intimate retreat for those of you, that are 100% commited to be stripped to the core thru a close and raw encounter soul to soul, human to human and deep rooted work thru honest self examination, that will catalyze a quantum shift and brake thru, that will support you in and enabling you to stepping into service and living your soul purpose. Duration 5 days. Please send me a personal message, if you feel drawn and called to this epic and evolutionary exclusive one-on-one retreat, which will take place here in Denmark, where I live, October the 14th-18th 2019. It is offered as a one-on-one retreat, but in case there will be more persons interested or if you want to bring a partner or a friend and if you feel okay with it, it can also consist of a small group max. of max 3 persons. Accomodation is for free, but all food and drink is self catering. I look forward to hearing from you. Price for one person 1800 Euro. Price per person if in smaller group up to three persons 1500 Euro. 

Please send me a personal message on fb or an email to info@graceelohim.com to learn more,  if you feel drawn and called to this epic and evolutionary exclusive one-on-one retreat. 

Grace Solaris

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