Welcome to the space age


Just experienced what I would term a parallel flash… as the name indicates you flash between parallel worlds thru interdimensional doorways in consciousness. It is a totally different experience than a deja vu but in a way similar. It happens in a morph second when you experience something as if it has just happened. This is happening more and more as our perception of time has changed and is finetuned.

Time itself has not changed how could it… time itself is an illusion… but as we fully immerse with zero Point and are able to expand our consciousness enough, we can tap into and even feel into parallel worlds and dimensions and probable realities… in other words we can extend our experience of our limited self to our multiple self and choose the vibrational match which is aligned to desired outcome. This being said each soul has a higher plan and purpose and the divine intelligence and higher guidance will orchestrate everything towards the fulfillment of that plan in divine timing.. divine timing implying the divine pace and order for things to take place to your highest good. The most easy way to navigate thru zero point is from a space of non-attachment and yet being in vibrational match with that parallel universe (reality) that you aim to experience, read materialize.

Currently the earth is moving thru a wormhole interdimensional portal to move to its next evolutionary octave and sector in this galaxy, which is gradual ( not happening over night but divinely orchestrated to not overwhelm our central nervous system),
so it is not leaving the Milky Way but rather transitioning to a higher vibrational bandwidth frequency in zero point.

Thus many have extreme symptoms of vertigo, severe heart palpitations or pressure, nausea, feelings of disalignment, ungroundedness, anxiety even reports of people having sensations of being of the cusp of fainting. This change in orbit and vibrational bandwidth frequency has been promoted by the pole reverse reset that happened on January the 12th/13th, which has triggered this magnetic shift within each of us… it feels almost like we have transcended gravitation.

For the first time we can start to truly perceive that this planet is not stationary but floating in space rotating and spinning in a divine pattern within a multiverse, which it is intertwined with as are we. Welcome to the space age. Let the dance begin.

~ Grace Solaris

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