Elongated Crystal Skull Activation with the Arcturians Sunday Oct 31st


Are you ready to gravitate and transcend 3D physical constrictions, then this is for you. Feel welcome to this activation and upgrade that must be the strongest activation I have received by the Arcturians these past 4 years, where they have worked with and thru me. It is a dna activation and upgrace of the skull to our original galactic elongated crystal skull. I could literally feel how my skull was stretched and pulled and suddenly it turned fluid and opened up and was elongated as the plasma downloads were conducted. I immediately got extremely emotional… my whole being opened up came alive, every cell, every atom…. It seemed that my whole body reshaped not only my skull…. my eyelids went totally beserk, because of the intense downloads and and it felt like my cranium opened up and reformed (energetically)… I felt it and saw it!!! So this is a restoration of our divine blueprint of our original skull form. The Arcturians showed me and told me that due to experiments and tampering with our brains early in our evolution by dark forces that infiltrated the planet, what they called the “inversion wound” was injected into our dna. This has kept our brain from developing and growing and is why we only use 10% of our dna potential, so the junk dna was prevented from developing and being operationable. And our brains has so been kept in confinement… our brain and skull was meant to grow bigger and be shaped differently. The multiple ancient cave drawings from many different cultures depict the elongated skulls of our galactic sisters and brothers, where their skulls were still intact and besides that, they were originally plasma beings… we are only returning to who we are but in an upgraded aquarian age version you may say. So you may say our brain and evolution have been held in confinement… in a reduced skull and kept from evolving. They also said that this inversion wound was placed there to keep us separated from the inner knowing, that god is within… to keep us in amnesia of separation. The said this is also the activation of the Ark of Covenant, which they say is no physical structure and located somewhere outside of us. They explained it contains the Word, the Seed, the God Spark, and is an energetical cauldron if you like and is our connection to our God spark, the source of all creation. So wowwww this is EPIC to say the least. We are returning to becoming the Avatars, that we are destined to be. This is a true liberation into being who we truly are. Creator gods of infinite magnificence. Humanity is ready as a collective to free itself out of this confinement and mind controle sabotage.
This activation and upgrade will facilitate an opening and activation of your brain and allow for the naturel evolution and expansion of your being into ONEness with god, and into unity consciousness with your inner god spark and all that IS. It will ignite the spark of god within every cell of your being and not least within your brain and restore your avatar superbrain. Time to reclaim our magnificence, our galactic gifts and talents and infinite potential to be the creator gods we are destined to be.
Sign up procedure:
Please read thru all of it to avoid any questions or uncertainties last minute:
How to join this activation and how you need to prepare to participate and sign up, please read all details below:
Energy exchange/voluntary donation:
Please state your divine intent to the universe and reserve your space. If you are on fb go to event and click on going.
You are asked to share an energy exchange in form of a voluntary donation to ensure divine balance and energetical flow to support this ongoing global service work. Recommended donation 13 Euro/$15 or more.
Please share your heart donation thru this direct paypal link:
If you are not in the position of sharing any energy exchange at all, be our guest of honor and receive it as a gift of love. No one is rejected. I trust your integrity and that you will gladly share whatever you are able to, if you truly understand the immesurable value and impact, that this transmission will have on your life and on the planet, which is not to be measured in money. What you share from your heart shall be returned thousandfold, such is the law.
Note: You do not need a paypal account to transfer thru paypal, just a credit card. Or ask a friend to pay on your behalf with a note of it, if you have neither. Or send me a pm.
Please tune in in synchronized time::
Transmission will be at 8 pm central european time, 7 pm GMT, pst 11am, mdt 12pm, cst 2pm, Australia 4 am (the Nov the 1st),
Please check your local time here: www.worldtimebuddy.com.
If you cannot tune in at the exact time. you can still receive the activation as this activation is not limited by time and space. But preferably join us in the present moment “real time” where our divine intent is amplified to its maximum.
To receive this remote light transmission you are asked to lie down or sit with a straight back and give your permission while holding divine intent to receive this activation , so that you may embody and anchor in your adam kadmon divine blueprint avatar.
PLEASE NOTE: As most of these global group transmissions this activation is a remote light transmission, there are no links, no live or stream. We will simply meet in spirit at the set time and unite into One consciousness field for this sacred gathering of starseeds and galactic groundcrew in the monadic field of the 144000.
Shortly before we start please go into a meditative state and become fully present in your heart and just let go of all expectations. Relax into your heart and state your divine intent to the universe to receive.
I will post an update with practical info on the day of the activation on the event wall. So do check in. Thank you for being in service to One-All your love and devotion will blossom and bear fruits in the new heaven on earth.
In loving service,
Grace Solaris and the Arcturians


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