Are you ready to lay down your sword to divine will





As part of the anchoring in of the new earth consciousness and a brand new venue of divine service, I will begin a series of transmissions overlighted and conducted by the Andromedan Office of the Christ. This upcoming bombastic Lionsgate will be the first setting and the first activation offered in a series of global Office of the Christ Cosmic Mother activations in collaboration with the Conglomerates of Light High Councils.

When on the sacred journey to Scotland I received the most epic and powerful intiation ever received, a coronation of ascension into full embodiment of the Living Christ Templates, which is the living library encodements of the new sophia-christ unified heaven-on-earth, that will be facilitated according to divine will and as per divine decree and upgraded as we rewrite his story into her story and co-create the new unified heaven-on-earth. The price I paid for this endorsement was a divine humiliation, that ensured divine humility in my divine service as a pure vessel and instrument of divine will and embodiment of the 12D Living Christ Templates of the Sophia-Christ new heaven-on-earth.

Only those who are truly and genuinely willing to leave all personal agendas behind and give up controle, will be qualified and feel called to receive this deprogramming and activation. Not because you need certain credentials but some souls choose to explore the self deception and suffering that is the consequence of living from their mind and ignoring the law of One to give in to egoic controle. This said without prejudice. This is a choice of growth made by some souls thru living out of alignment and integrity with divine will to explore the karmic repurcussions of striving for personal power in the realms of separation. This fight/flight hologram was/is reinforced by the programming of the us versus them victim/abuser hologram, that was installed thousands of years ago by extraterrestrial reptilian infiltration with their own agenda, which eventually caused the downfall of consciousness in the high civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria.

However if you can clearly say yes with all your heart this is a divine opportunity and revolutionary dispensation of light and naturel soul progression into the 144 templates of divine love, which is the divine quintessence of 12D universal consciousness and divine unity. A divine resurrection from duality into divine majesty and divine excellence. It is the highest service you can apply for simply by sacrificing your ego’s worst fear and need for controle to divine will.

In the Lionsgate transmission that I will host with the with the Conglomerates of Light on 08-08-19 we will deprogram, debunk and extract this distorted separation templates from your dna and download a whole new set of templates for the new Sophia-Christ heaven-on-earth. The Cosmic Mother sisterhood will be strongly present as a safe container for this to happen and support the activation of your diamond heart merkabah, which is a complete resurrection into divine innocence and divine immunity as multidimensional monadic source consciousness.

Your next evolutionary step is one of merging fully into Intergalactic Universal Consciousness by shedding all fearbased low vibrational egoic layers of deception to allow for the merging and unity with your stellar monadic families of light to embark on your next missions. 
Many of the starseeded ones are already attending intergalactic delegation meetings and will be advisors and peace ambassadors of the new Councils of Light of this planet, that will replace the global old 3D government controle . Are you prepared?

Are you ready to put your sword to rest and surrender to love and divine will to become the peace maker you signed up to be… those who choose are the chosen One.

You can sign up or get more details to the epic Lionsgate Activation with the Acturians and the Andromedan Office of the Christ on 08-08-19 here:

In divine service,

Grace Solaris, Intergalactic Ambassador of the Conglomerates of Light