Live your passion and soul purpose. Exclusive one-on-one retreat with Grace Solaris

Join me for an exclusive one-on-one retreat and reboot to divine joy and reclaim your wildest dreams.

Are you ready to shapeshift into your greatest potential and create the life you dream of? Are you feeling called to being of service and stepping into your soulplan, but feel blocked and unclear about your path?

Do you feel in need of profound spiritual and energetical support and guidance to make a needed quantum brake thru in your life and to step into your full divine potential and soul´s purpose? Are you ready to transform, heal and create the needed vibrational match and platform from which you can create the life you dream of, then this is for you. Are you willing to make the needed changes and the commitment it takes and invest in your well-being to create the inner freedom to create the life you dream of, because you are worth it. Are you tired of compromising self and playing it small, then this is a kickstarter to get on with it.

I offer one-on-one 5 days retreat, where you can book me exclusively for you. The content of the retreat will be tailored to your specific needs. You might want to train and reinforce your psychic and telepathic abilites, channel and learn about the ascended masters and the angelic realms and how to navigate this realm, if you feel called to serve and feel insecure about how to go about it.
Or you may want to devote yourself fully to heal deep wounds on your divine feminine or your inner child aspects, so you can start loving yourself and start to attract healthy relationships.

You may need assistence to find a whole new direction and purpose in your life and clear the path from any blocks or limiting beliefs or behaviours, that prevents you from doing it.

I also offer retreats for couples who are stuck and need an intermediate, who has spiritual insight and can offer tools to transform negative belief systems and behavioral patterns, that keep your relationship from prospering.

Please send me a personal message, if you are interested in a one-on-one retreat and together we can tailor it fully to your needs. I will share all that the universe and my spiritual teachers and guides have taught me the last 20+ years on the spiritual path.

Needless to say it will be energetically very intense and in depth, because it is basically a “24/7” thing. We will “love, eat and pray” together.

This can only be offered to a very limited number of people as I only have short periods of time available, so if you feel called, do not hesitate to contact me. 

The retreat will be held in Denmark end July/beginning of August, the actual place is yet to be planned and tailored to your needs. I will announce further periods, where retreat can be booked, so just ask, mayby I can arrange for it.

Exclusive Small Group Retreats (max 6-10 persons) – contact me if you can get a group together.

Cost per person for 5 day group retreat will be 444 Euros (88,8 per day)
Cost for 5 day exclusive one-on-one personal retreat will be 1444 Euros

If this calls you, please send an email to and find out more and we can find the best solution to cater for your specific needs. 

P.s. no one can heal or fix you… healing and transformation happens with the inner commitment to take 100% responsability for being the creator of your reality and having a deeper look and being open to change what doesn´t serve you. I would love to assist you, but I cannot “fix you”. I cannot empower you but assist you in reclaiming your power and divine sovereignty as a co-creator with God/Goddess/Spirit. 

In devoted service, Grace Solaris