Your inner abandoned child, makes you abandon aspects of self and others in your life


Today I came to think about all the abandoned children. All the children that are disowned, pushed away, rejected or ignored, as if they don´t exist by their parents… it might be physically (no contact whatsoever), emotionally or energetically. Sometimes it is because the ego of two adults are in a fight and one or the other draws back, especially in situations with divorced parents, or because the parent or the child doesn´t accept or get on with each other, perhaps because of some ridiculous incident of misunderstanding and ego is stuborn like a child and will not give in. But there are also all those “inner children”, that have been abandoned and given up on and yes because of those, one is proned to project this onto others… for example onto own children or parents. It is an evil circle that bites itself in the tail. There are however ways to heal your inner child, but it takes courage to open the heart and look into the most dark spaces, where the inner child resides. But thru forgiveness and energetical shadow work, you can reclaim those most wounded aspects of self, that makes you abandon others in your life. As long as we reject and abandon parts of self, we will not find inner peace, nor being able to feeling unconditional loved. We will always look on the external for acknowledgement and validation. Ho´opono pono, the ancient art of forgiving is a very powerful and simple way to forgive and cleanse your heart from the pain, grieve, anger, resentment and fear. The fear of being abandoned is a big issue, that cannot be solved without this inner child work. You will keep attracting partners, that makes you feel incomplete and isolated and hence will always be on the forefront to “harvest” acknowledgement and love. This however keeps you in co-dependence and will only reinforce your inner wounds and fears of abandonment and cannot replace the love, that you withhold to self. Why not start now…. reach out to your inner child and the ones you have abandoned on the external. The love between two souls is eternal. No matter what has happened the wounds that have been caused because of negative experiences can be healed with ease and grace and cleanse years or a lifetime of pain, because of withheld love. In case you need support in this I would be honored to be at your service to you and your inner child. ~ Linda Grace –

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